Interview with the Pakistanis Doctor Enginner and Poet Naila Hina who published more than 70 books and wrote more articles.

Interview made by Aleme Gammo:

Photo: Doctor Engineer Poetess Naila Hina with literary poets on stage

Poetess Naila : Good day dear friend and great poet Alemseged Sisay.

Salam (Peace) to everyone.

Poetess Naila: Thanks so much for the honor of this interview and for bestowing me the golden chance to express my point of view on something.

Poetess Naila: I was born in a warm afternoon in Karachi, the biggest cosmopolitan city of Pakistan. Linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse, as well as one of Pakistan’s most secular and socially liberal cities.

I belong to a highly educated family originally from Hyderabad Deccan, India. My elders are among the founders of Pakistan. We are Yousafzai Pathan. My late father Asghar Ali Khan was a M. A., L.L.B. From Aligarh University and Osmania University Hyderabad. My late mother was a B.Sc. B. Ed. from Osmania University Hyderabad Deccan. All my uncles, aunts and siblings are professionally qualified. Hyderabad Deccan is very rich in culture and so is my family background. My mother is my inspiration, she sure was “She” of H. Rider Haggard, and so I think I am..

All the rooms and cupboards in our home have always been filled with books and our elders are walking brains, just like me. We have been guided during games and storytelling as household activities. We also loved libraries, museums as well as the skies and the world and cosmos and nature were our general sources of attention.

I loved books and could understand machines better than the people or maybe I understood public more than I should have.

I lived in my dream world and fairy tales, fantasizing. I thought myself as a part of the stories that I had read. I got immersed in the books and an ever increasing thirst of knowledge is part of my nature. I was a genius who liked to be an idiot.

I have been the best school debator, Naat Khuwan, singer, and very active in extra curricular activities, besides being the top position holder.

I played Badminton a lot, and racing, gymnastics, yoga and acrobatics. Healthy body has a healthy mind. I also love Chess, Dratfs, Carom board etc.

I am Angelina Jolie’s twin as I share birthday with her, as well as Rick Riordan also was born on 5th June, year is different. Both are my favorites.

In childhood I was a big fan of pop stars Nazia and Zohaib Hasan. Also Micheal Jackson, George Michael, Madonna, Brian Adams, u name it.. All the time I have been singing and dancing, specially Break Dance. Other times I have been very spiritual.

I loved scifi and detective stories as well as epics. Tarzen, Tilism e Hoshruba, Alif Laila (A thousand and one night.), Ibnesafi, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Arthur Canon Doyle, Agatha Christy, H. G. Wales etc.

Doctor Engineer and poetess Naila Hina reading her poems to poetry lovers on stage

Poetess Naila Hina: One of my poem on my father is:

A Rare Diamond!

No matter how many worlds one explores

One will never find anyone like one’s father

Commonly famous as Hatim Tai due to his

Extreme generosity, universal compassion

My father was the icon of the truth, honesty

And the most disciplined of the gentlemen

Lived his entire life with purity and dignity

Humbleness virtues hardwork kindness to all

On his sad demise all clocks were stopped

On his birth cannons were fired to salute him

His pens were always filled with ink, watches

And clocks always wound up and up-to-date

Extremely well dressed , handsome dignified

Personality, a great combo of east and west

His mannerism were perfect, simple and kind

Always eager to help the poor and needy kind

Always well informed about the world affairs

He was a tower of support for everyone around

He told us the true stories of Prophets, at nights

How Egyptian ladies cut their fingers on Joseph’s

Sight instead of lemons, we kids laughed out loud!

How the moon and stars paid homage in His dream

How the river Nile divided in two halves when Moses

Had put his cane in its waters on the order of God

He was multilingual well versed in English Arabic

Persian Urdu etc, his hand writing was flawless

People came to him to write for them with Midas

Touch. Whoever’s application he wrote, he got job!

He managed large organizations, always regular

Never compromised on his values or principles

He lead a life upright, was highly educated noble.

Advised me to master the art to excel in the hearts

Poetess Naila: I hold basic degree in Mechanical Engineering from NED University of Engineering and Technology Karachi, with MBA and CMA. I have got Honorary Doctorates in Literature from various international organizations e.g. ERIAC, International Academy For Peace Development And Culture etc. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:

▪ MBA (Marketing Management) Karachi University Business School.

▪ B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) ( First Division )

NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.


▪ CMA (Foundation) ICMA, Institute of Cost and Management Accountants,



AutoCAD, SAP, Pro-E, Mech. Desktop, Fortran, ANSYS, Adobe, Matlab, Inpage, Html, Etc.


- Current: C.E.O of World Press Agency Pakistan, APCESX business group, USA,

▪ Assistant Manager: Production Planning and Material Control Dept.,

Indus Motor Company (A joint venture of Toyota Motor Co., Daihatsu Motor Co and Habib Group)

Area under control: Procurement MM, Production Planning, Product Development, C&T, Health Safety & Environment (HSE) Internal ISO Auditor, MSP, GSP, TTC TEMCO, international dealings etc.

▪ Management Associate: Citibank, Karachi.

Key Areas: CHRIS. , CITPM, TQM, H.R.M

Gold-, Visa-, Master-Cards, Karobar, auto/ house finance, mortgage loans.

▪ Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Pakistan Navy Engineering College,

(Affiliated College of National University Of Science And Technology, Pakistan)

- Freelance scientific journalist, and scientific poet.

❑ Best School Debater: won Silver Trophy for inter-school debate competition, held

At P.A.C.C, Karachi.

❑ Editor of QUEST: an annual campus journal in NED University.

❑ Event Management: Arranged Science Fair at NEDUET: in 1993. ~ Chief

Guest: Minister of Education DR. ATA-UR-REHMAN.

❑ Co-ordinated I.T.Club, membered Shooting club, Golf club etc at PNEC.

❑ Poet, Writer, Innovation seeker, articles published in Dawn/Jang/ Express

And different scientific and non scientific magazines, etc.

My 70 books in including “ Bahisht e Char Saat” and articles have been published and available on all big publishing houses worldwide.

▪ Member P.A.S.S.P. Club, Karachi

▪ Freelance journalist.

· Engineer, Dr Naila Hina owns a FM. radio station named as Bahisht e Char Saat .

· Engr Dr Naila Hina owns a network named as NCN Naila Hina Cultural Media Network

Dr.Engineer and poetess Naila Hina

Dr.,Engineer and poet Naila: As I have written in the preface of my scientific book: Life Is Eternal:Shadows of the Sun is my second book by the grace Of Almighty Allah.

My first published book name is opposite to its content. Contexts. Which is Bahisht E Char Saat.or ( A Paradise Of Few Moments.)

Though mortal life is suppose to be a Paradise of few moments, my belief is that its not, it can be immortalize and time is just a number, there’s no past, present or future but a frame of reference. Whatever occurs is written already, and most of it I have been bestowed by God in early age and I had penned it down. So no matter what they challenge me to write, it comes out from my books and diaries as I have written a lot , continually and since early age. Age is also not a fixed factor of numbers …its about knowledge, where and when man exists …like my age is thousands and sometimes millions of years or even light depends on the frames of reference ..

Dr.,Engineer and poet Naila: This is a very good question. Yes,as I am mercurial and an innovation seeker, I’m creative in everything I do. Have tried my hand in many different genres, fiction, non fiction, scientific and business related books and articles. E.g. my Fiction books are :

· Wonder Visions, You Can’t Be Me,

Scientific literatures: Life Is Eternal,Hayat e Javedaan, Legends Of Lions,and Takhlique Ka Safar (Journey Of Creation)

My interactive Novel series consists of two novels: Pyramids To Heavens and The Fourth Dimension

(It was first published on Story Mirror in series, monthly)

I have reviewed books and movies on many different sites as well as in my books. E.g. Goodreads, Reedsy, IMDB etc.

List of few Published Articles:-

▪ Managing to succeed. Dawn newspaper, Karachi

▪ Is science fiction really scientific? Express Urdu newspaper, 12,08,2018, And on world Press Agency official site.

▪ Shamsi jazib cell i.e Solar energy cell, Spider Silk, Zero Gravity, What is Science fiction? Nazm e Kainaat Karachi, What is not science fiction? Express Urdu newspaper…

Links and citations she brought to me are the following:

▪ Ibnesafi s Scientific Innovations. Various magazines and news papers.

▪ Apna karobar.. Daily Jang Karachi

● Reina de Belliza Nicole Kidman

● Role of E-commerce in Pakistan … etc

The theme of my childhood books is Ishq e Haqeeqi means Love of God, as nature takes us closer to the Creator.I used to write very rich tones.In Urdu I remember writing a beautiful poem Udaas Shaam means Sad Evening or An Evening Of Sadness.It’s free versed and about natural romanticism. Long before that in primary school I have written many poems, which are included in my book Shadows of the Sun. Like Beauty and sorrow, Nature’s Gift. Etc.

1- Nature’s Gift.

O’don’t touch these fresh paintings

The artist’s love for funny things

First he thinks it then he makes

Like you bake your birthday cake

Brushes are his only wealth

The monuments for drawing’s health

Here he draws the picture of love

“The blossoming flowers in a trough”

Then he makes that of hate

“ Vampires killing people and abate”

Look! What colorful is his work

“In the blue waters there’s a duck”

So don’t touch his fresh paintings

You’re a good child do good things!

By Naila Hina 30 th Jun, 92

2- Beauty And Sorrow!

On a lonely deserted midland

In the typical midnight hours

Or at the junction of day and night

Watching the tired flowers.

Birds returning home in a sequence

And the evening shows its colors.

Moonlit kissing the surface of water

With a line of graceful showers

There’s a peculiar sound of silence

Trees are standing like towers

And so much more I share

When I look into the eyes of yours!

By Naila Hina (25th Feb 1992)

3- Caution!

Apple tress are full of scent

Like our faces’ fluorescence

It is the hour of midnight

Lovely dreams in the moon light

Blithe and candid spirits sing

Dynamic songs, thought giving

Sandy island and even the stones

Dancing upon the romantic tones

Nature is preaching love to live

A hailing life and protective.

Naila Hina 1992

4- O flowers!

O flowers,

How funny you are!

You live beneath the shadow of thorns

But always with smiling faces,

Blazing cheeks and glimmering shades.

How lucky you are!

You have beauty more than anything

But no one is jealous of you

Your smell attracts everyone

You are the charm of


How careless you are!

Wind blows to kiss you and takes fragrance

You give your beauty to everyone

Without hesitation

You are the precious gift of God

Symbol of life love and happiness for all.

Naila Hina 1992

So i dare say I was a philosopher along with a mathematician, as both subjects are closely related, mathematics being the queen of all sciences and philosophy cannot be understood without learning how the universe operates by using the laws of physics calculated through maths. Knowledge is spread all over the cosmos and nature connects us with the reality and depths of love.

So I wrote in all genres.

Ilm-e-Arooz is Urdu counterpart of Prosody which is used to determine if a couplet follows a particular metric pattern or not. Under Arooz, various metric patterns or syllables, have been classified with each metric pattern known as ‘Bahr’. Each ‘bahr’ constitutes of a few ‘arkaan’ (sing.-rukn) or part which are used to determine the metric pattern of a couplet. It is divided in to its ‘arkaan’ with the process known as taqtii’ (Scansion)

So my work is highly original and being a wordsmith, it’s very inventive and innovative. Even the urdu software can not find any similar Bahrs, in which I wrote poetry.

Here’s one of my articles that sheds some light on the art of writing simple Poetry.

Poetry education : how you feel when you write poetry, while you read to your self, and when you ponder out there through your writing?

Doctor Engineer Naila: There are different periods of poetry, so this poetry is the product of the immature mind of childhood. Nothing is done by effort, everything is the result of arrival. It was written at the age of ten and eleven. You have to go to the same age to understand them. If we look at children’s literature, I think there will be few children of ten and eleven years who have some passion for Urdu or literature and linguistics, in today’s era.

. Children are more connected to the subconscious and have good access to that. Imagination runs wild. If there is vocabulary, dedication to learning and grasp of ideas, they can move forward without any introduction.

It is important to encourage them.

I enjoyed poetry and felt happy

Although this was just my style of writing a diary. I would go into a trance state and compose. I used to write my speeches and essays and even the answers in the exam in the same condition and got first prize. It is the grace of Allah and the dua of my parents

. My Beloved, It is all thanks to you, Sir,

! That the matter has been made so far.

Doctor Engineer Naila Hina

Doctor Engineer Poetess Naila Hina: I wrote poetry as my daily journal and my diaries are collectively more than my height, although I think I am a tall girl.

These days and in recent decades, I have been writing online rather than in keeping hard copies. Around a thousand poems are available on StoryMirror and in my published books. Others I have not counted, most of the precious works are lost with time.

Poetess Naila: Alhamdulillah, I am an Internationally acclaimed award winning author of Seventy plus books. My first published book’s name is Bahisht e Char Saat, second

Book is Shadows of the Sun.

My other books are:

· Cosmic Dreams,

· Labor Of Love,

· Hayat E Javedan

· Fragrance Of A Cave Girl,

· Shajar e Muhabbat (Tree Of Life).

· Love on Limbo,

· Qafla Bahaar Ka,( Springs Caravan ),

· Three books in Spanish language are:

· A Spanish Lulluby Un Lulluby Espanol,

· Jardin Del Amor.

· Cagito Ergo Sum.

· Love can wait,

· Chains of happiness,

· An apple of his eyes

· Match less

· As the life unfolds

· No ordinary love

· The Butterfly Man

· Ballad And Bullet

· Chapter and verse

· 12 Minutes

· Mathematica of Love

· Husn e Makhtoom

· Man o Tu,

• My first Persian anthology/ Deewan: Koh e Muattar,

· Faramushi,

· Qalan Jazeera (Pen Island)

· Translated from Serbian:

· Ring of moon,

· Qissa e Parwarish ( How the twins grew)

· Fifty Words. The shortest stories.

· Bangla Translations:

· Universal Culture

· Subah Ki Sargoshi

My book in Arabic language is:

· Rooh ul Kalmaat. (Soul of the words)

  • Engr. Dr Naila Hina is the first person to translate the Deewaan/ poems of Imrul Qais, The father of Arabic poetry.

Poetry Education: And she has other upcoming books:

Upcoming books:

· Speed Mathematics

· Translation of Nobel Prize winner scientist Richard Feynman’s book and a NY Times best seller:Surely you are joking Mr Feynman!In Urdu language.

Naila: By the grace of God, my books are available on all big publishing houses world wide.


I think Munir Mezeyd is the best and Excellent poet of our generation, is a living legend. Amazingly my childhood Urdu poems have much resemblance to his style of writing. Alemseged Sisay is also my favorite, besides my humble self; in Pakistan late Parveen Shakir was a beautiful romantic poetess, many people say my face as well as the romanticism in my poetry resembles hers.

I love to read and all the great, specially, classic poets and writes if the world are my favorites, in Urdu Persian and I wish to understand everything and every language, even of birds and animals and alien’s, with God’s will…

And she gave her examples as follows :

The Conference of the Birds or Speech of the Birds is a Persian poem by Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar, commonly known as Attar of Nishapur. With interesting depiction of Seemorgh or phoenix in his poetry! There are the 7 valleys in The Conference of the Birds:

The Valleys of Quest, Love, Understanding, Independence and Detachment, Unity, Astonishment and Bewilderment, and Deprivation and Death that occur in Mantiq al-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds) are basically accepted through interpretation as the stages of human desires along with the characteristics that are required.

Fortunately I have recently happen to read it’s Urdu translation in the course book of my nephew Bilal Ahmed.

Of course our daily life is incomplete without Shakespeare, Keats, Milton, Ghalib, Iqbal, Faiz, Adem, Muchli, Nasir kazmi, Baqi, Juan Elia, and writers like Cheekhov, Dante, Mir Amman, Dostoevsky, Ibnesafi, Akhtar Hussain Raipuri, etc etc, the list goes on and on… but of course most of them are not of our generation but as I said there’s no age of a poet. Poetry can make you immortal!

Doctor Engineer Naila : Since I am a multilingual poet, I have written in so many forms and most of my poems have unique styles of writing, purely invented by yours truly. I have got many badges in different poetry genres on StoryMirror as well.

As I am a science student I know and feel that poetry is pure mathematics, just like music. The universe follows mathematical laws. That’s why many great scientists were great artists as well. Like Leonardo DaVinci. Or The Father Of Psychology and Psychotherapy Al-Razi was a musician and a money-changer until his 30s, when he began to study medicine in Baghdad. He went on to become one of the greatest physicians of the medieval period, writing over 200 works; half of them on medicine, but others on topics that included philosophy, theology, mathematics, astronomy and alchemy.

Amir Khusro invented Beats.

Also I write epics, and historical facts and mythological legends are part of my work, specifically Greek myths and I love Egyptology.

Doctor Engineer Naila : Both are originally from Japan.

A poem in English written in the form of a haiku.

HAIKU IS A Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.

Tanka is Dated back to at least the ninth century, during the country’s Heian period. Tanka derived from the broader poetic form waka, an art form that became a common communication style during ninth century. “The tale of Genji” is the famous example.

A tanka (“short poem” or “short song”) is a free verse, 31-syllable poem originating in Japan. Japanese poets historically wrote these in one unbroken line, but now they commonly write tanka poems in three lines. When poets write tanka in English, they utilize five lines, similar to a cinquain.

Doctor Engineer Naila Hina: Naila Hina is the first person to write in Gammo style of poetry :

Invented by an International Poet and Writer Alemseged Sisay in Addis Ababa.

Gammo Haneka Style:

Gammo Style has the following characteristics — Three lines make one stanza; -Two consecutive lines in each stanzas must have rhyme; The 3rd lines of the first, the second, or more stanzas of each stanza must have to rhyme; The first and the second line of each stanza must have a rhyme , or it can be the 2nd and the third line must be rhyming; The third line of each stanzas must have a rhyme with the next or the upper stanzas third line ; The third line of each stanza’s shall end with full stop, While you cross check it, the simplest and the basic output of all types of Gammo Poem is a couplet. Basic Rhyming Scheme of Gammo poem are aab, aab; or abb,abb; or aab,cbb; or abb,cbb . The combination of rhyme in Gammo poem fails in those four rhyming patterns. This is to mean there are four options of rhyming


Engr Dr Naila Hina.

(Poem written in Gammo Style)

And the charity of Abel was accepted

Because there was sincerity in it and

He gave the best fruits of his lot!

But Abel also deserved

His love, he was understood

By this acceptance, as a result

And his love of this world

On which Cain also had

Eyes, was the most beautiful woman

But the rotten fruits he presented

In Charity of the Lord. And

Abel was the brother of Cain!

As if there is no intention he had

of charity. So it was disgraced.

Abel did not accept God’s decision

“I will kill you! “ To Abel, Cain said.

“ But I will not lay my hand

On you. You will do a sin.”

By the fire of jealousy, He was blinded

Therefore, the first murder in the world

Was due to jealousy, Abel’s killing by Cain!

After committing his crime

Fear and remorse became

Cain’s destiny!

He wandered to hide

The evidence of his crime

Was ashamed of jealousy!

He saw a crow unexpected,

Who was, by digging the ground

With his claws, burying his mate!

That even to this animal, if compared

Much less common sense he’s proved!

Then Cain came to his senses!

A crow, on the death of a bird

Like itself, buries it and was sad

You killed your own brothers.

So Cain dug the ground and

He wept. He buried Abel and

It was the first murder in human history

Because of the jealousy and

Rivalry. That was the apex and

A masterpiece of human inferiority!

The jealous burns in his own fire

Himself. Indeed, the worst fire

Is the fire of jealousy

Who does not stops

One from killing the others

Just for his own satisfaction

Real happiness though results

From the contrary actions

And the jealous one

Only himself burns.

Any damage to the others

Can not been given!

September 18, 1998

Doctor Naila Hina : My heart bleeds for the poor and ignorant of society and I try to make efforts to make the world a better place, with health and educational reforms, humanitarian and Cultural exchange. Etc.

I have been focused on spreading peace, knowledge, creativity, scientific thinking and freedom of expressions and press throughout my life. A friend of the world, best writer, columnist, best debator, science journalist, singer, a true ambassador for peace humanity and cultural and scientific development and by the grace of God, achieved great success and international recognition for my hardwork and dedication in literature and linguistics and other areas.

As education is the key to world peace.

Nobody wins a war!

At the end of the day all parties have to sit on the table and negotiate peace terms.

‘Intellectualism should lead to impartiality!’

As per JFk: “When power corrupts, poetry cleanses!”

There are layers after layer of biases and eugenics, in every field and areas.

World should be impartial for the peace throughout it, whether it is in Kashmir or Palestine or Bosnia or Chechnya or Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere in the world.

What’s happening in Russia and Ukraine dates back to a thousand years or more. It’s a bilateral issue and that’s how it should be dealt with. It’s a fight between the two main schools of thought, not two countries. Pakistan wants peace and friendship with everyone.

Awards and Achievements:

• Honorary Doctorates

• Best Writer Of The Decade Award and

• Best Collaborator Of The Decade Award, World Press Agency

• Diplomas from World Literature Academy,

• Association of Literary Translators of Montenegro award

• Udruženje književnih prevodilaca Crne Gore Nagradu.

• Grai Romanesc, World Poets Association.

• Munir Mezeyd foundation award for Culture, Peace, Humanity,

• World Poetic Star.

• Best Debater Award, and Silver Trophy: from Pak American Cultural Center (PACC) Pakistan, 1988.

• Diplomas from Poetas Unidos, LLSF, Alma de Girasol,

• Motivational Strips, WWWW, World’s best writers and Poets

• Casa poetica magia y plumas, etc.

The iwomanglobalawards nominee for literature for the year2020:


Naila Hina is the first person to write in Gammo style of poetry :

In the words of Marilyn Monroe:

“ Every one is a star

And has a right to shine. “

According to Mr Isaac Sringar

The purpose of literature is to entertain and to instruct.

For me poetry is dancing poetry is painting poetry is singing and poetry is love.

Poetry is the language of the soul. Poetry takes us closer to reality though it’s been thought of as the other way around!

One of my childhood verse is :

اب میری اصل تک رسائی ہے

لیکن اب در ہوگی شاید!

Now I have access to the reality

But maybe it is too late now!

E. G. My poem is on environmental safety:


Environmental safety alert

Pakistan’s unusual floods

Is just a tip of the iceberg

Leading to the apocalypse!

Living species humans and

Animals alike have drowned

Climate changed due to the

Greenhouse gases emissions

Global warming and issues

Burning and melting glaciers

Sea creatures and little kids

Sandlings as well as the skies

Wind and water under fires

Created by our selfish selves

Total annihilation of titanic

Nature to all natural resources

We, as Muslims, have very long brotherhood with Ethiopia, dated back to the Hijrat or Migration of Muslims of Mecca, to Ethiopia, then named as Hubsha. It’s Christian King Nijashi had been very kind and hospitable to the migrants.

And when a Companion recited few verses from Surah Maryam, he drew a line on the floor by his stick and said that the difference between the two is so minute. It had been a part of the Ottoman empire.

Later became a colony.

I am very much concerned about the poverty in Ethiopia and of some parts of Africa in general. That’s why I always prefer to post in your poetry group: Publishing Aid Ethiopia.

But don’t worry. Now the oppressives will rule the oppressors. The coming time is of Blacks and Eves.

The son of Hazrat Noah (PBUH) Ham’s son went to Africa and his descendants were spread there, specially Canaan.

Africa is heaven!

Not much, although I am fortunate having been invited to local as well as the international poetic conferences, continuously. I am a cave girl or a nun nowadays.. I’m not an opportunist.. have always been a solo player.

I am reluctant to even post my best work online for one thing due to the fear of it being plagiarized.

And as publicity is not my motto, or as per the words of Galileo Galilei, I shun only that type of prostitution consisting of having to expose my labor to arbitrary customers. Instead I will never look down on showing my work to the deserving eyes and ears!

On the other hand I always try to enhance public awareness and spread scientific thinking and knowledge, as knowledge increases when it’s spread.

· I have attended poetry conferences and literary meetings during schooling and

· I am a member of PASSP Club Bazm e Science Adab (Organization of Scientific literature) Karachi, Pakistan.

· I am Author Of The Year nominee for 2019 and 2021 and Literary Colonel at Story Mirror.

I am very expressive in all forms, and an entertainer by nature and stage loves me.

Rajinder Singh Bedi repeated a quote of some monk that : After a very bright light, I. E. Limelight it is pitch dark. And in this darkness, the candle that a lights us, is the light of the mind and heart.

( From my book: Wonder Visions)

Last but not the least,

“ Love is the answer to every question and in one way or the other, we are all connected. “

PE: Thank you very much. You are interviewed by Aleme Gammo

It’s been my pleasure to express myself.

Thank you for the interesting interview.

Have a wonderful day.

Engr Dr Naila Hina

Dr. CMA, MBA, B. E.

On stage of Association of scientific literature Bazm e sciencee Adab Karachi.

From left: Dr Shaheen Habeeb, engr Dr Naila Hina, Dr Naeem Ullah Khan Gauhar, Dr. Hameed ullah Afsar, etc.

On dias is Sardar Nazish.

Below picture: Shaam e urdu, Unveiling of Hundred Year Anniversary of great poet. Writer and journalist Muhammad Ahmed Sabzwari., with Dr Sarosh Siddiqui from back and Dr Shaheen Habeeb. Etc.

Poetry Education: Thank you very much for your briliant interview responses

Doctor engineer Naila Hina : You are most welcome


Posted by Poetry Education, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Interviewed by Alemseged Sisay ( Aleme Gammo)

Date Novembre 30,2022




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