Interview with Poet Michael mc Dermott

Interviewed by Poetry

Interview with The Irish Poet Michael mc Dermott

International poet Michael mc Dermott

This interview is hosted by poetry to put recorded data of best poets whom I did meet them through their literary poems. Today I am interviewing the great poet of Ireland’s, Poet Michael for his poetic prowess and life journey as well as about his thoughts and taught of poetic philosophies in general.

Please stay tuned with reading, learn from his experience from each retorts of him which are given to my questions.


Poetry Education: Good after noon dear poet Michael mc Dermott, nice to meet you here on my interview.

Poet Michael: Good afternoon mo chara (irish) Aleme,

Poetry Education: And I need to bestow you my humble thank you in advance for your cooperation of to be interviewed by Poetry Education. Can we start our interview now?

Poet Michael: I really appreciate your interest in my poetic efforts and motivation and so I will try to give you my best understanding of that process.

Poetry Education: Before we start to discus and talk on our poetic knowledge sharing discussions , poetry education need to know more about your family, your birth and birth place, your nationality, your childhood and teenage school lives, then university and college life, finally tell us about your careers and experiences?

Poet Michael: I grew up in Ireland, part of a large family . I studied and worked in Dublin and London as a Quantity Surveyor and builder/ property developer. Among other things I built a church, a bank, a brewery and bought a public library which I convert into apartments. I am married with three children and six grandchildren.

Poetry Education: When were you wrote your first poem or piece of poetry? What was its theme? Why you wrote it? And did you know at that time about poetry writing techniques example making rhyme, using poetic devices, choosing poetry styles?

Poet Michael: I made my first poem Morway Tree in 2018 on a notepad, prompted by watching endlessness lines of young bare winter trees while travelling as a passenger on an empty motorway.

Poetry Education: If your first poem was written with poetry style which style or form was you used to pen that poem?

Poet Michael: It was written in blank verse and I was not sure if it was a poem until others confirmed it to be.

Poetry Education: What was your action or what did you do after writing that first poem of yours? Did you read it for yourselves? Made it torn the piece of paper and threw it? What were you done for that and after that if you remember that moment?

Poet Michael: My Images come quickly, wording takes time to fit properly and reading with corrections continues for a couple of days

Poetry Education: In which age zone you involved higher yourselves or get through it totally with hanker of verse making? Was it in your teenager, youth, adult or after those ages?

Poet Michael: I make poetry every day because it satisfies a creative need that I have acquired since retirement from business.

Poetry Education: Who is the admired poet by you from poets of Europe, America, you can call one from each continent even from Africa?

Poet Michael: I like the poet writers, Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac, Patrick Kavanagh , Seamus Heaney, Van Morrison, Robbie Burns, Oliver St John Gogarty and James Joyce.

Poetry Education: Once up on in my poetry reading entertainment mood I got an Irish poet called Tomas Gent, then I loved his poem and researched what differences his poem does in it eventually I invented the Tomas Gent’s style of poetry. Some poets from some countries versified with this style after I invented this brilliant poet’s style in his name. Do you know this poet and his works? Did you versify at least one poem with Tomas Gent’s style?

Poet Michael: I have not heard of Thomas Gent but I will investigate and revert to you.

Poetry Education: How is poetry defined based on your perspective? What is your inner philosophized thought for poetry in general?

Poet Michael : I think that poetry should engage reflect our philosophies and emotions.

Truth is the most essential quality in a good poem.

Poetry Education: How many poetry styles you know and can you guess or exactly tell in how many poetry styles you versified poems? Does it have different satisfaction level In your writing sessions while you versify with non-metered lined poems example with free verse and with metered lined poems example haiku, haku, ganta, villanelle ?

Poet Michael : I am pretty vague on poetic styles, knowing sonnets , haiku, and rhyme, but usually just follow my instincts. I get equal satisfaction from different styles and from free verse.

Poetry Education: How many poems you penned since your start of poetry writing? How many of it is documented? How many books are published by you? What are all the titles of your books? Where are your books found if readers need it to buy and read it all?

Poet Michael : I have written and documented about 700 poems since 2018. I have one book published ; To Ride A Poem ( 2019). The book can be bought on my website www.

Poetry Education: What is your message to all amateur poets and mature poets?

Poet Michael : I would advise would be poets to try to work each day and accept the sucess comes from personal effort, not from some special gift or otherwise.

Poetry Education: Thank you dear poet Michael mc Dermott for your kind cooperation and willing to give your words to my interview.

Poet Michael: Slan go feol, (irish) goodbye for now


Interviewed on September 24, 2022

By International Poet and writer Aleme Gammo

From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Telephone: +251985205580




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