A small team from Palo Alto came together and founded Taliware™ to solve geo-roaming identity management. When you hail a ride share, hardly anyone checks if the actual driver is in fact the person that shows up to pick you up! Until recently, there were no simple solution available to tether the smartphone to the driver and their vehicle. The fact is, when the phone is roaming, it does not mean with certitude that it’s the owner that is roaming with that phone.

Taliware is location-based app-service powered by Nymi™ Band a Biometric authentication wearable. The wearable and its ECG core technology integrates with taliware’s geo-identification spatial solution and the drivers smartphone’s GPS to securely tether via bluetooth the drivers to their smartphones and the vehicles.


At any location when roaming, the driver’s identity verification is made possible through Taliware’s location-based App-service and provides a biometrically authenticated proof of the driver’s identity. So when you hail a ride share, Taliware guarantees that the actual driver picking you up is in indeed that person.

An individual’s electrocardiogram (ECG) is highly unique, and varies substantially from person to person. It is derived from various physiological characteristics of the body. As a result, the ECG is an incredibly distinct identifier that is a resistant to potential attacks.

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Taliware is in partnerships dialogue with ride sharing companies to promote safety and encourage more ride hailing acceptance worldwide.

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About Taliware

Taliware™ is a geolocation based app-service and delivers geo-identification using mobile ECG powered by Nymi™. With this solution, taliware provides an ironclad proof of a person’s presence at specific times and locations anywhere anytime world wide.

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** taliware technology is US patent pending

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