The Magic of Life

It may be easier to tap into than you think!

Here is just one example of a million magickal moments that happen in my life:

My man and I were discussing spirit animals one day. I already knew what my “life animal spirit totem” was (the dolphin). He hadn’t fully figured his out yet, though he had a pretty good idea. (Although it’s certainly more like that animal chooses YOU.) After some discussion, we concluded together that it was pretty obvious his was the coyote.

Fast-forward just a day or two, and we’re out camping under the stars. In the middle of the night, love-making happens, and I’m tellin’ ya… one of the most magickal moments of my life transpired. JUST as we were climaxing together, a huge pack of coyotes lit up (yip-howling)… maybe even more than one pack. Their calls seemed to come from several directions. It was so amazing!! We just lay there and looked at each other in complete wonder and bliss.

Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ bout!

Things like this happen to me on a regular basis. How can YOU create this type of magic in your life?

It’s quite simple, really. OPEN TO IT. Ask for it. Affirm that it IS happening, and often. I began utilizing positive affirmations in my life many years ago. And I am here to tell you, it works! I began, back in the day, with the affirmation:

“Every day, in every way, my life gets better and better.”

I progressed on to: “My life is FULL of excitement and adventure.”

And now I’ve graduated to: “Every day of my life is more magickal than the one before.”

And guess what? All of that has become my life experience. Now — is EVERY DAY full of magic and adventure? No. There are still lots of the basic ups and downs of life. I still deal with depression and manic mood swings on a regular basis, but I can tell you for sure, my life is WAY more adventurous and magickal than it was before I began using affirmations to help mold my reality.

You are what you think. It’s so true. It’s a basic Universal Law: Like attracts like. What you focus on expands.

I challenge you today to begin to affirm what you WANT in your life… and let go of focusing on what you don’t want. It will change your life! It’s probably not going to happen overnight (though I would never limit you by saying it CAN’T happen overnight… I believe literally anything is possible!!!), but if you stick with it, it WILL aid you in creating the life you really want.

“Life is not about finding your true self, but creating who you wish to be.” ~Steven Redhead, “Keys to Creating Your Reality”