you get one body — OWN IT

Take care of your body~it’s the only one you’ve got.

OH YEAH! I’ve got it goin’ on! Hee hee!

When’s the last time you talked to your body? Or hugged yourself? Or looked yourself in the mirror… fully naked… and appreciated what you saw?

It’s so, so important for us to love what we have. I am thankful every day that I have a strong, healthy body. Is it perfect? Far from it! I have big thighs and butt, lots of cellulite, and a big flap of skin on my belly, along with a lot of scar tissue that I can thank my children for! ;)

But aren’t all those just signs of having LIVED life? Scars tell stories. And children are our legacy.

I guarantee you your body wants to hear from you. It wants to be appreciated. Each and every cell in our body is a conscious creation. If we “talk nice” to our bodies, they WILL respond.

Have you ever just taken some time out of your busy life to just be with YOU? I learned to do this in recent years. My latest endeavor: I got myself some fancy-smellin’ massage oil, set some time aside when I knew I could not be disturbed, and here’s what I did: I played some nice, soothing music, lit some candles and laid down, naked, on a fresh linen (one that I didn’t mind getting oil on), and massaged myself. As I massaged each body part… each leg, foot, arm, breast, hand, etc. I gave thanks for its contribution to my overall health and well-being.

Giving yourself a massage may not sound that relaxing, but it surprisingly was! I loved it, and have done it several times since. If you can love your body, your body can love you back, and provide you with many, many good years.

NO ONE has a perfect body, despite what the air-brushed & photo-shopped magazine covers would have you believe. Love what you were born with, and OWN IT. Find your “sexy”. It’s in each and every one of you.

Let go, and just have fun with it. You won’t regret it, I promise!