“Compassion is the most valuable resource”

What a 19th Century Explorer taught a Digital Agency

Part Five

written by nansen.com

Fridtjof Nansen is the Norwegian explorer and humanitarian that inspired our name. But for us, it’s more than just a name.

Each week, we’re highlighting one thing we learnt about his life that we’ve applied to our business. These are the things that make Nansen special.

“Compassion is the most valuable resource”

“It was love of one’s fellow man which would one day come to be the deci­sive factor for the future of mankind” – Fridtjof Nansen

In his later years, Nansen had become an icon to many and was a charismatic speaker, holding “lectures” to share his unique experiences and knowledge. But instead of scientific lectures, he tended to create emotional speeches about the suffering he had seen in Eastern Europe or in the Balkans.

He used descriptive language of these stories to appeal for help — especially in his quest to find home for the Armenian refugees. He was able to prove what is possible when we show compassion to others: when we sit on the other side of the fence and truly understand other people’s problems.

Empathy and compassion for him was not just an emotional function, but also a practical persuasion tool for bettering society.

It was this strategy that helped to make many of his successes possible, and he viewed it a less romantic and more business-minded way to create positive change and cooperation across political boundaries.

Compassion is an important trait in all aspects of life, but it is an aid for us to understand our team members, clients, and end-users — leading to more effective communication in all areas.

Compassion for us is stepping into our client’s shoes and understanding their perspectives.

We carefully listen to pain points and translate what we hear into solutions that take every need into account. Compassion helps us to create outstanding projects because our client’s problems are our own problems; and we share expertise to find the best way forwards.

Nansen is a full-service global digital agency. For us it’s never only about technology or concepts. It’s all about building what’s needed to make your business better. Read more about us here.

Image credit: http://www.frammuseum.no

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