1000 Survivors: Harnessing hope to end an ebola outbreak

On 4 October, the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) announced that the 1000th survivor of the current Ebola outbreak was released from care.

Ngitsi Kavugho was pregnant when she was infected with the Ebola virus. She and her baby survived. ©WHO/C. Black

Survivor stories

Kanyere Vwatire

Kanyere Vwatire (right), an Ebola survivor, cooks lunch for her family days after being discharged from the Katwa Ebola Treatment Centre. ©WHO/Y. Maiga

Kasereka Miyisa Jophet

Kasereka Miyisa Jophet is an Ebola survivor. UNEERO/Martine Perret

Rachelle Kavugho

Rachelle Kavugho is an Ebola survivor. ©WHO/C. Black

Kavira Kaviavu Matumaini

Kavira, Ebola survivor from Butembo. UNEERO/M. Perret

Dr Maurice Kakule Mutsunga

Dr Maurice Kakule Mutsunga, President of the Survivors of Ebola Association, North Kivu and Ituri, and focal point for the WHO Ebola Survivors Programme. ©WHO/C. Black

Pregnant women and their babies are surviving

Survivors programme

Muhindo, a young Ebola survivor, has his eyes tested by Dr Steven Yeh. ©WHO/J.D. Kannah

Faustin Kalivanda



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