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Guided hiring for teams. WhoCo helps fast growing companies hire smarter.

Is hiring for diversity hard? Yes. Is it worth it? Also yes.

Show me a human who isn’t biased, and I’ll show you a robot.

As humans, we form biases to help us navigate the world. They’re like mental shortcuts that help us make easy, rapid decisions based on patterns we learn from our environment. They’re actually quite useful.

But bias has a dark side. It can lead to prejudice, causing us to favor one person or group over another, usually in unfair ways. When it comes to hiring, bias gets really ugly. Research shows that biases proliferate hiring decisions, resulting in poor business outcomes and perpetuating systemic racism, sexism, and more…

First impressions are everything. Don’t scare away top talent from the start with a poor job description.

Your job description is a candidate’s first look at your company and the role. Good job descriptions inform; great job descriptions can attract and excite. But poor job descriptions can be fatal — they may attract unqualified candidates and even deter top talent from applying. Yikes! Not only are you missing out on the cream of the crop, but you’ll waste time reviewing applications from candidates that simply don’t fit the bill.‍

Anyone can follow these recommended practices, and yet somehow, not everyone does. Poor job descriptions are all over job boards, and they can be more problematic than you…

99% of job interviews are a complete black box for candidates. Candidates typically know when to show up and, if they’re lucky, who they’ll be meeting. If you’re on the company side — the hiring manager or an interviewer — this might sound like enough, but if you’ve been on the other side of the table, as a candidate, it sucks. The less a candidate knows, the more they are inevitably set up for one of two scenarios.

Scenario 1: they go crazy trying to figure out everything that might be important.

Keep in mind that if you’re a candidate, you either have a job and are trying to stay in good standing while…


Guided hiring for teams. WhoCo helps fast growing companies hire smarter.

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