Why we raised our seed round of investment

Whodat has now been around for four exciting years. As a startup in bootstrap mode, we’ve had great experiences learning, working with clients, building unique solutions and exploring the world of Augmented Reality. Every year we’ve discovered new idea (discarded even more), and gained a lot more insight into how this technology can be a part of a utopian technological society.

This month, we are super excited to announce a partnership with, and investment from Ideaspring Capital. As a company trying to create a homegrown, one of a kind platform with our own unique tech, Ideaspring are our ideal partners. Their belief in the potential of technologies like augmented reality and machine learning to radically change the way we live resonates completely with us. We’re happy to be the first Augmented Reality technology company that Ideaspring is investing in.

What We Are Building

We are working towards building a platform that empowers developers to get creative, and build game-changing AR experiences. Today, this isn’t possible without having a firm grasp of computer vision. We want to change this. Our vision is to give a developer with little or no knowledge of deep tech a platform to unleash ideas and create brilliant experiences for customers around the world.

What We Will Do With The Funding

Over the next 18 months, we will be working on consolidating our platform and getting it ready for our audience to use. This means we need to invest heavily in R&D and product development. We also plan to expand our team, and get more talent in the field of Computer Vision and Mobile Performance Optimization on board. Building an R & D division with more Research Scientists and Software Optimization Engineers will help us get to our goals faster. This is primarily why we decided to raise our first round of investment.

We look forward to building a new crew, working with them and creating something truly awesome that we love and are proud of.