Sum up Ethereum accounts, keep it simple

Sep 30 · 2 min read

We all have several Ethereum addresses, but it’s so boring to get simple things like:

  • Aggregate position for a set of addresses: we want a global net worth which sum up ETH, Tokens and DeFi products.
  • Keep an updated list of our addresses.
  • Keep that list private without creating an account or connect anything.

My Whois is your superpower to get these 3 features instantly.

Let’s talk about me

I hold 3 Ethereum addresses. I just need to follow up live value of this group. Basically, without any connect or login, I want that:

My Whois allows me to create multiple number of groups and add multiple addresses in each one.

Helpful features I appreciate:

  • Friendly user interface to manage group and add addresses
  • Metamask icon option to paste quickly an address. It works as well in any Dapp browser like Wallet, Trust,..
  • DeFi support, which include MakerDAO, Compound and dYdX
  • ENS and XYZ support to add and visualize addresses
  • Quick access to a detailed view for an address within a group

Take a tour at My Whois and try it by yourself.

Give me feedback right here or on Twitter, which is the best channel to stay tuned for further development.


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