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Juan J. Ramirez
Nov 26, 2016 · Unlisted

Year: 2016

Client / Company: CoverPocket / CoverWallet

Role(s): UX Design and Product Management Consultant

Contributions: UX Audit, Wireframes, Prototypes, Specifications, Program Design.

Final Result / Deliverable: A full audit with UX suggestions and design proposals. CoverPocket didn’t have a UX designer so the goal of the audit was to fill the User Experience gaps of their app (a personal insurance manager) and give them resources to take adequate UX decisions.

I also designed their whole referral system and provided all the major technical implementation specifications necessary for launching this program.


In 2016 CoverWallet was in the process of launching a consumer product called CoverPocket. CoverPocket is an insurance wallet that gives users a single hub for all their insurance policies as well as free access to an insurance consultant + insights on premium prices.

CoverWallet reached out to me seeking for advice. They specifically asked me two complete two major strategic tasks.

1) CoverPocket was implemented without a designer’s input. They were worried about the customer experience of the app, as well as potential usability issues. They asked me to run and audit and make recommendations.

2) In order to promote CoverPocket they had the idea of implementing a referral program. They asked me to design and spec all the pieces of this program which was crucial in their marketing efforts.

How to perform a comprehensive User Experience Audit that covers all potential usability issues?

How to design an efficient and low cost Referral Program with very little technical footprint?

Process and Solution

My first task was performing a comprehensive UX Audit of the app in its current status. In order to achieve this I laid out a Usability Inspection and Analysis plan based on Nielsen’s Heuristic Evaluation and Weinschenk and Barker Classification.

I ran the evaluations through all the reachable views and forced the app through multiple unhappy paths. I then scored the views and paths based on the baseline methodologies and ruled out false positives by excluding weak offenders.

Below you can view the full document with a disclosure of the methodology and all the criteria used to perform the evaluations.

Usability Inspection and Analysis

One of the main value propositions of CoverPocket service is the ability of reaching out to a free consultant directly from the app. In the version I evaluated this functionality was contained in a section called “Need Help”.

Although this component was providing a lot of value, its position within the app was breaking the screen navigation and disturbing the general real estate of the app. I suggested a small interaction to hide and control this component. I created as small prototype to pitch the interaction:

The second task I was asked to execute, was to design a very lean and flexible referral program for the app. They had a referral budget and they wanted to reward referrers with actual cash.

I did several strategic recommendations on several areas. I made suggestions regarding conversion, flow triggers, technical implementations, value proposition and general program design.

I created a document outlining all my recommendations, however I had multiple interactions with CoverPocket’s product manager, a back-end engineer and mobile engineer, in order to design and deliver an optimal system design. One of the biggest challenges was to design something that was minimum but remarkable, with very low technical footprint and with design room to be iterated, optimized and changed.

You can find the document with all the program design and technical specification below:

Product Specifications: Referral Program


Case Studies, Thoughts and Opinions by Juan J. Ramirez



Case Studies, Thoughts and Opinions by Juan J. Ramirez

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Case Studies, Thoughts and Opinions by Juan J. Ramirez