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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Binge Eating

It’s not about the food — it’s about what we use food for

Photo by Hannah Morgan on Unsplash

As I woke up, for a few moments all I could feel was intense bliss. But then I remembered.

I binged again.

My mind flashed back to the night before. How I’d gone out to the corner shop in a daze. How I’d hurried through the store, searching for those…




Personal stories on health, relationships, and a holistic approach to happiness. Wholistique is about Growth not Change. We DO NOT want to fix You because You are not broken. We want to shift your perception of reality and to empower you with the proper tools to navigate life.

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Joni Seeto

Joni Seeto

Emotional Eating Coach & Hypnotherapist. FREE quiz: Why you keep turning to food (even when you’re determined not to!) https://joniseeto.com/quiz

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