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52 Self-Discovery Questions to Free Your Mind and Heart

Discover who you really are and what you truly want for your life

Woman holding coffee cup in one hand, paging through journal with the other. 52 self-discovery questions.
Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels

When I look back at my life, from the vantage point of more than a few decades, I realize how different it might have been had I taken the time to really get to know myself.




Personal stories on health, relationships, and a holistic approach to happiness. Wholistique is about Growth not Change. We DO NOT want to fix You because You are not broken. We want to shift your perception of reality and to empower you with the proper tools to navigate life.

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Sandra Pawula

Sandra Pawula

Writer | former Mindfulness Teacher | Stories to calm your mind, ease your heart and connect with your inner wisdom. https://sandrapawula.substack.com/

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