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Feeling Sad? Don’t Fight It. You Will Lose.

How to thrive when the world tells you to fake a smile.

Don’t get me wrong. Feeling sad was never a goal of mine.

I used to fight negative feelings when they flooded me with waves of uncontrollable nostalgia or hopelessness for the future. Little did I know I was fighting a losing battle.



Personal stories on health, relationships, and a holistic approach to happiness. Wholistique is about Growth not Change. We DO NOT want to fix You because You are not broken. We want to shift your perception of reality and to empower you with the proper tools to navigate life.

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Katarzyna Portka

Hungry for advice? I am here for you. The student of life. Own your day, change your life with this journal → https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09WHNJXXX?