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The Impersonator in the Mirror

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“It was good!” My girlfriend lied. “I really liked it!”

How could she keep a straight face, telling me this? She’d read my most recent piece of writing and I knew it was bad, knew she was just being nice.

I waved my hand in the air. “Eh,” I grunted. “It sucked.”

“Oh, I thought it was good,” her eyes dropped. “I’m sorry, I guess.”




Personal stories on health, relationships, and a holistic approach to happiness. Wholistique is about Growth not Change. We DO NOT want to fix You because You are not broken. We want to shift your perception of reality and to empower you with the proper tools to navigate life.

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Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd

Work in Joyland, Hobart, and The Offing. Winner of a PEN Prison Writing Award. Working on a novel. // Eric-Boyd.com

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