You Put The End In Friendship

There’s a fine line between friends

Daniel Williams
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6 min readJun 9, 2024


“Rocking The Friendship” by author

I went over to Brian’s house to play computer games, and we both sat there watching Brian play.

And only Brian.

by author

“Can I play?” I said.

“In a minute,” he said. “Watch this.”

I watched it. I watched it for 10 more minutes.

“Can I play now?”

“Hold up, I just want to do one more thing.”

He did 24 more things.

Thank goodness for Brian’s mother who loved justice.

Her name was Ann. I knew this because Brian called her “Ann” instead of “Mom,” which I think means Brian was a low-functioning sociopath who sucked at sharing.

Ann happened to be passing by the computer room and recognized immediately what was happening to me.

She stopped in the doorway. “Brian, let your friend play.”

“In a minute.”

“No.” Ann snapped her fingers. “Now.”



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