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Do you want to manifest quickly? Well, you need to burn your manifestation.

Literally, set it on fire!

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you about this ritual.

This ritual is not for those looking for a cookie-cutter, hokey-pokey woo-woo approach that tells you to yell out manifesting affirmations. This is strictly for those who are seeking a win. So if you are ready to truly manifest your desires, you’ll listen to me and stop doing the BBB, basic, boring BS.

The BBB, is the never ending IG posts about using high vibe affirmations hoping for a miraculous turnaround with zero effort. Okay! Good luck with that.

Of course, I love manifesting affirmations, and honestly, they do work. But there are times when we must up-level and start growing our craft to manifest FAST!

Why Fast?

I want you to manifest it fast because why not? I will share a technique with you that will teach you to manifest with passion, and I can promise that the ritual alone will leave you feeling like a sovereign beast; well, a friendly beast— you get what I mean.


2. Pencil
3. Smudge bowl/ Metal or ceramic bowl
4. Matches
5. 16oz of water
6. Sage
7. Dragons Blood resin
8. Patience

Disclaimer: Be safe! You’re playing with fire, literally.

The Ritual

1. Write down a list of all of the things you want. And when you do so, be sure you believe that each ask is possible for you to achieve. For example, if you want more money and you must be clear about how much and it must feel possible to get it! Now don’t lowball yourself because it should scare you a bit but not entirely out of sync.

2. Sage yourself and the area you plan to work preform. I prefer you take this ritual outside.

3. Recite, I cleanse myself from all attachments to things, people, spirits, and beliefs known and unknown that set themselves in opposition to me and my highest good.

4. From here, begin to read your list of items you want to manifest out loud. But first, call on the supreme power of the universe: By the power of El, Elohim, Adonai, or whichever feels most natural to you and say this name as many times until you feel a presence, keep doing it until you feel it, and be patient. Then say, I seek your divine assistance to retrieve/have ( fill in the blank) in my life right now according to my highest good.

5. Place your burning sage into the smudge bowl and then begin to tear your list into small pieces.

6. Place the pieces into the smudge bowl and set it on fire.

7. Stay with a bowl of fire until you have burned your list to ashes.

8. Once the flames are entirely gone, pour the water into the bowl until it reaches the brim and then pour it out onto the ground and step on it barefoot if you can.

9. While standing on the wet ground, say a prayer. You may pray however which way feels natural to you. Or you may use this: By the power of El, Elohim, Adonai, I command accelerated abundance, prosperity, good health, miracles, (and whatever else you command into your life), right now. Thank you God, and so it is. Amen.

Don’t sit around waiting for a miracle. Go on and live your life and trust you placed your cares and needs into the miraculous hands of the supreme universal force and all you need to do each day is remember that you have a special delivery on its way. Stay positive until its arrival because it’s coming fast.



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Vanessa O.

Vanessa O.

I am a dynamic writer on how to energetically glow up your life through self-improvement, self love and energy healing practices in a practical yet funny way.