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It’s time for you to surrender to Tantric Super Sex and experience its magic.

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Surrender to the receptivity of pleasure. Give yourself the permission to indulge without conditions; can you do it?

I going to assume you like sex, which is why you’re reading this.

And for those that came here to hear me talk about the squeamish three-letter word. This lesson requires you to drop your fear and guilt about sex, and there is no better time than now to relinquish it.

Sex is just energy. Lesson over!

Ok, I think you sort of knew that, right? But do you know what makes tantric sex?

Well, it has everything to do with how much energy you have. And no, it is not about how many energy drinks or espresso shots you knockback to get the energizer bunny effect in bed.

It has to do with how much life force energy is within you.

Life force energy, also known as Chi or Prana, is subtle energy found in abundance throughout the universe. It is around us all of the time, and if you are sensitive enough, you can feel it, but not everyone does. And that is totally normal.

The more life force energy you have, the more euphoric you become and the better the sex.

Sounds easy, right?

This might come effortlessly for some, but it is certainly achievable for everyone. And I will show you how.

Most lovemaking is dynamic, vigorous, aggressive, and breathless, which requires a lot of energy to achieve an explosive release.

While this approach is undoubtedly enjoyable to many, there is a pathway less ventured that gets classified as what I call, “super sex.”

From a tantric perspective, sex bridges the right and left hemispheres of our brains.

So just think of this as fusing the intellect of the left hemisphere with the creativity of the right, allowing them to permeate boundaries, creating an “orgasm of the brain.” This is what makes super sex.

Super sex only can be accomplished when lovemaking begins in an effortless, smooth, slow, flowing state.

This creates the experience of euphoria in which the body, mind, heart, and spirit all have an opportunity to participate. So ditch the vigorous sex and explore this type of lovemaking.

So you’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard about this before?

Our society has lost the understanding that we are spiritual beings and that sexual energy is a physical expression of our spiritual power.

Lovemaking is your magical superpower!

When you desire to connect sexually with another person, it reflects an underlying spiritual need. It’s the need to experience completeness and intimacy that transcends your sense of separateness and distance.

However, sex without this sacred tantric component is commonly thought to be enough to satisfy our needs. But it rarely does, or it is fleeting.

Without sexual energy, sex is a purely physical act not held in high esteem.

You might be rolling your eyes at this point, but here’s the deal.

This type of sex may seem like it has no negative bearing on your life, and to some degree, if you’ve been doing it this way your whole life, you wouldn’t know any better, right?

Sex is just sex at this point.

Well, if you agree with my last statement. You most certainly are deprived of sexual energy.

Sex is not just sex. It’s magic.

Not connecting to the sacred dimensions of sexual energy causes repression.

This causes an energy block that negatively affects your life and keeps you running in this super low conscious state where you are prone to damaging sexual and emotional experiences.

And if you don’t address this, this conditioning cripples your spontaneity, expression of sexual vitality, satisfaction, joy of life, and ability to love and honor yourself and another.

People who are under this repression, struggle to communicate their needs.

Does this sound like, you?

And most times, sex just feels like a tense encounter with anxious people too afraid to express their real needs. Yikes!

Honey, you might just want a hug and someone to cuddle you and not the D.

This is my favorite part.

Super sex also makes it possible for us to connect with life force energy when in our deepest of impulses. How amazing! You get to ride the wave of bliss, no pun intended, and also soak in the high vibes.

I’m subscribed!

Super sex, stops you from deducing sex to a purely performance-based self-fulfilling prophecy.

It time for you to upgrade your third dimensional view on sex and rise to the level of seeing sex as a magical creation.

Using my approach, super sex will teach you to unlearn, transform and recondition the body’s response during lovemaking.

There are no formal techniques for achieving super sex; instead, it provides you with the skills to enhance sensitivity, surrender to pleasure, and openness to new possibilities in the bed room, but also in your life.

But if you’re look for new stylistic techniques to engage in super sex, I’ve got you covered.

Ok, so I know you’re wanting to know how to get started?

Start working with me, and we’ll work through a 5-step approach that will awaken the real you and you’ll learn how to integrate these tantric elements effortlessly into your love life.

You will learn to perceive sex as a celebration, an act of creation, and an opportunity to fully surrender to bliss.

I mean, how could you go wrong with making this decision?



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