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Tips on how to radically shift the feeling of stress.

Here are 33 odd tips you can use right now.

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Is there a person alive who doesn’t suffer from stress? If there is, can you please send them my way? Like seriously, right now!

Like most people, we all go through stress, and that is very normal. Now is it healthy to be stressed? Well, for a short answer, no.

However, there are people who have healthy coping skills when stressed. These people have a rock solid external display of a stress-free life that most of us admire and slightly envy.

You might ask, well, how does one not envy the person’s who seem to have their lives running smoothly, free of stress and devoid of drama? Well, for starters, how about you don’t envy them because envy will only make you feel way worst. Instead you can start by releasing your obsession with being stressed. Oh yes! It’s that simple.

Now is it going to be easy? Well, that definitely depending on how you decide to approach it. The way human conditioning is set up, is to protect you but low key it can be a saboteur and keeps you trapped in the web of obsessing over your problems and thinking the worst of every situation all of the time. But good news! It takes a wild and daring soul to surrender and energetically rewire this way of thinking and start leading a stress free life.

Are you ready?

Here is my list of 33 ways to radically improve your stressful vibe. Why 33 and not some perfectly round number? I don’t know, but clearly, you need to stop stressing boo and get reading!

  1. Take a shower! Water is therapeutic, and I recommend that all my clients cultivate a habit of showering at least twice a day. Now I am not saying you need to do a full-on scrub down every time because I know there’s always some self-proclaimed know it all who will say: “That’s not good for your skin.” Ummm, worry about you, number one, two; nothing will happen to your skin. Its water. What makes these showers so unique has to do with the affirmations said while in the shower. Here is what that looks like, “I wash away my worries, my pain, this anxiety, this bad luck, off of me right this moment, I am so clean now. I am a beaming light of joy, abundance, and good luck; I am magnetic, and this water recharges me so that I can attract my desires. Thank you, God. Thank you for this healing, and so it is.”
  2. Wash all of your laundries. Keeping dirty clothes that you wore when the onset of stress started will uphold a vibratory frequency that will make your space cluttered with stressful energy. Oh, and don’t keep dirty clothes in your room. If that’s not possible, try to keep them far away from where you sleep and your clean clothes. This is a call to action for the people with hampers in your closet; please stop doing that.
  3. Cleaning your house. Here is my guide to cleaning the high vibe way. Cleaning is an act of self-love and love is the highest vibration of all, so clean, you filthy animal.
  4. Begin and end your day with a prayer. Command the day by sealing it with a prayer for protection, direction, and joy. Commanding the day to be stress-free has a magical way of ensuring stress is repelled.
  5. Schedule an hour each day for solitude. Learn to disconnect, reflect, and let go of any and all obligations just for an hour.
  6. Don’t overschedule! Being busy doing something is one thing but make yourself busy sounds like torture. Refrain from over-committing to too many things.
  7. Stop rushing. Give yourself an extra 30 mins to get somewhere or to do something.
  8. Set realistic deadlines. Life is not a race. Slow down and do it at your own pace.
  9. Keep your day simple. It’s not a competition, and you don’t get a trophy for having a complex day.
  10. Be grateful. Cultivate gratitude and embody it in everything you do. Grateful people attract favorable outcomes. So say, “Thank you” to and for EVERYTHING!
  11. Say No. Like Beyoncé says so, no, no, no, no, NO!
  12. Never make promises you can’t keep. And if you have to break a promise, say it to whomever, or if it’s a promise to yourself, apologize and forgive yourself for not meeting this expectation.
  13. Don’t commit. No matter how much your buddies want to hang out if, you’re not 100% down to hang. Don’t commit. Honor yourself. They will be fine, and if they won’t, that’s not your problem.
  14. Set boundaries. Everything and everyone needs to know you have limits. Set them and stick to them. It’s a sign of respect to them and to yourself. Stop trying to please everyone and please yourself.
  15. Try out the emotional freedom technique, aka. “Tapping Therapy” to tap out the feeling of stress. You can do this alone or seek out an expert, but bottom line, be patient with this technique.
  16. Deep breathe often; In through the nose and out through the mouth. And if you’d like to add a slight groan, sigh, moan soundtrack with each exhale, please do so. This is your time to let it all out!
  17. Move your body. Just get up and start moving. It doesn’t have to be an organized workout with particular steps. Embrace the random dance moves.
  18. Drink water! This is a hard one. But here’s a tip for my non-water drinkers. Sparkling mineral water with fresh-cut lime juice makes drinking water so much more fun and satisfying. Try it!
  19. Please yourself. Get it in solo. I think you know what I mean. There’s no shame in showing some self-love. Remove the sigma and designate time for me, myself, and I — another Beyoncé lyric grab.
  20. Get it on with your partner. Maybe this might be an excellent time to practice a move you looked up a while back. I hear the coital alignment technique (CAT), aka. “Grinding the Corn” is trending.
  21. Read a book you love. And if you need accountability, join a book club. Here is a link to my book club if you’re considering it.
  22. Spend time with positive friends and nurture these relationships.
  23. Surrender to expectations, and stop obsessing over what it could, should, and would be. Let it go! Elsa soundtrack inserted.
  24. Go to bed early at least 2–3 times a week.
  25. Smile for no reason. I like to practice smiling for 30 seconds, rest and repeat until I feel a subtle change in my mood.
  26. Laugh! Yes, this is hard to do solo when you’re stressed. But watch something funny. I love a good laugh from TikTok videos.
  27. Don’t answer the phone or respond to texts until you feel like it. You have full permission to ignore. Misery loves company, yes. But don’t make everyone around you miserable. Seek advice but don’t emotionally dump on your friends without fair warning. Be sure to ask them if they can talk about something stressing you out and give them a chance to decide if they can support your needs. Sometimes the answer is going to be no, so respect that.
  28. Approach problems as challenges. You are the victor, not the victim.
  29. Write in your journal, or whip out the notes section in your phone, and describe how you feel in this moment, what you want to feel, and your next steps to achieving this desired outcome.
  30. Book a massage. The power of touch is incredible.
  31. Burn a candle, or use a diffuser using natural jasmine and or chamomile essential oils.
  32. Close your eyes, lay down, and listen to solfeggio frequencies for 60 minutes.
  33. Book an Empowerment session with your favorite energy practitioner, me! And radically clear your chakras, integrate empowerment to your subtle body, and have you living your best stress-free life.



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