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You have saboteur vibes, and here are the 5 signs

Why are you such an enemy of progress?

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You make grandiose plans for your life, yet every new year passes, and there you are! Same you, same old problems, same, same, SAME!

Triggered? Ok, that’s not my intent, but you did click the article, and I’m not one to sugar coat.

Let’s cut to the chase, and let me lay it on thick.

Sabotaging your own happiness and success may seem like a mad man thing to do. Still, most of us have this saboteur vibe that keeps us from achieving our goals and basking in the joy of success.

Are you a chronic gossiper? Gossiping about people’s lives, how you measure up to someone else or engaging in negative self-talk?

If yes, then you are a Saboteur.

Or maybe you’re on a roll with eating healthy, getting a business started, or even in a happy, thriving relationship. Then you decide it might be a good time to mess it all up. Oh yes, this might be sounding familiar! You start picking a fight with your partner about something that happened on one Thursday evening in March of 1992. Perhaps you made such excellent weight loss progress, and you decide it’s a great day to binge at McD’s. Not judging because this was me.

You, my friend, are a saboteur.

I am not here to tell you how potentially shitty your life is because you are a saboteur. Ok, maybe I am, but I care, so I am telling you this in hopes you will change.

So what exactly is a saboteur?

Put merely, saboteurs are self-sabotaging people. Typically it stems from self-limiting beliefs on how they feel and think about themselves.

It’s not entirely their fault; saboteurs are programmed this way early in childhood. Now how it develops will vary from person to person. Still, the common denominator is a strong belief that they are inadequate. To believe you are flawed and incapable of deserving love, happiness and success are the hidden barriers most of us face, keeping us from living our desires.

Fearing happiness is real.

Saboteurs actually love the thrill of drama, pain, and suffering. Now they’re not sitting around wishing these horrid things onto themselves. But the way they are wired causes their negativity into automatic overdrive whenever they succeed at surpassing their limiting beliefs.

Ok judging!

There was a friend of mine, and let’s call her Davis for the sake of the article; Davis was what I call a friend package C; click this link to learn more about my friendship membership scale. It’s a good read.

Ok, back to Davis. Davis grew up in a very affluent suburb, yet she felt like she was lesser than her peers because, well, she didn’t have the money, gadgets, and sexy home that her friends had. She was basically an average girl amongst above ordinary people. So now that you have this tidbit, you can now assume she might have some limiting beliefs that were programmed in your youth.

Fast forward, we decide to have a shopping day, and of course, no shopping day ends if I haven’t hit up the lululemon for my 106th pair of black aligns, if you know, you know.

But Davis wasn’t having that. She immediately blurted out, Wait! Why are we going there? Isn’t that for rich people? I was shocked; the inner me was like Chick! I am rich! Well, at least I like to believe I am. A girl can manifest!

Nevertheless, I was perplexed. Davis lived in the most affluent neighborhood in the state and wore expensive stuff, and aspired to have a wealthy life. Yet, the lululemon was just too scary and triggering. Of course, I forced her into the store and made her purchase her first pair of wunder unders leggings, and ever since then, she’s been hooked.

What the heck was her issue?

For one, she clearly wasn’t about that manifesting life. She simply had limiting beliefs. Her beliefs had such an overwhelming hold on her that she could not enter a high-end athletic store.

Perhaps, one could say well that she probably didn’t want to spend the money there, but that is not what was said. It was a gut reaction with an emotional outburst that she was not worthy enough at that moment to enter the premises because she didn’t fit the demographic of those who shopped there.

Fearing things because they seem out of reach is a limiting belief, nothing more than just a faulty program that needs rewiring.

Here are 5 signs that you are a saboteur and the epic enemy of progress:

  1. You doubt yourself. You fear the judgment of failing and having others judge you, so you rather judge yourself and deem yourself a failure before anyone else can.
  2. You criticize others. You love engaging in negative talk about others, not realizing that you are taking energy away from your path towards success.
  3. You throw away success. You have an issue with maintaining success. It’s like when all is good, your brain clicks into time to destroy mode.
  4. You feel guilty. You are uncomfortable with the success and feel guilty about your accomplishments and the worth.
  5. You are always worried about something. You are wired to believe something “evil” is inevitably chasing after you and seeking to destroy the good in your life. I call this one running when no one is chasing you.

Let me repeat! You are worthy to enter into a store, have a happy, healthy relationship, desire to have millions of dollars, live in a wealthier neighborhood, or even drive the newest Bentley. If that at all feels off-putting, uncertain, scary, this is your call to action.

Here are 3 things you can do on your journey to energetically reprogramming your self-limiting beliefs:

  1. Practice self-compassion. Working on your self-esteem will inevitably allow you to be in constant alignment. When things don’t go as planned, you will have the tools to practice compassion towards yourself, allowing you to develop a strong sense of self-worth.
  2. Mantras! Mantras carry a vibratory frequency that will rewire your brain. Again this is not just an affirmation, although those are also effective. Check out my article on the power of Mantras.
  3. Create boundaries. People will project their insecurities and have you believing in their fears and limits as truth. Learn to protect yourself from the unhealed by putting invisible plugs in your ears when they share or project their limits by listening without absorbing.

Can I promise you will be healed immediately after reading this, no. But, will you have tools that I know will positively impact you, absolutely. With everything, patience is critical, and most importantly, patience with yourself is the ultimate test.

Remember, it took years to make you into a saboteur; you will also need to give yourself time to recover. Be encouraged that in your journey to healing, you will inspire those around you to change.



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