FinHACK 2018 — Comprehensive Recap & Highlights

The amazing perks & highlights of the best 36-hour hackathon

Samantha Lee
Jul 26, 2018 · 7 min read

FinHACK, the combination of FinTech and Hackathon, the second annual FinHACK, organized by WHub and Societe Generale, held during 6 to 8 July, was a weekend full of learning, challenges and inspiration. With 22 fearless teams of talented individuals and our elite selection of nurturing mentors, insightful judges and knowledge-packed workshops, growth is exponential and undefeatable bonds are forged.

After the success of last year, the second annual FinHACK 2018, organized by WHub and Societe Generale, was officially announced on 3rd June. The verticals this year are RegTech, WealthTech and Digital Banking, and are designed to challenge hackers to invent apps and ideas that would revolutionize the way we use FinTech.

With over 150 university students, entrepreneurs, developers, designers, legal advisors, business analysts and startups from Hong Kong and other Asian regions, and the entries captured the creativity, intuition and efficiency of the fierce contenders.

Read on to find out the highlights of the awe-inspiring event — the epic perks & prizes of joining FinHACK, the game-changing workshops, this year’s winners and how FinHACK is THE place to connect, create and conquer! Check out all of our pictures to revisit the awesome experience here! Missed out or can’t wait to do it all over again? Join the Waitlist on to be first in line!

Want to know why hackathons are awesome in general? Let Karen Contet Farzam, Co-Founder of WHub, founding board member of FinTech Association Hong Kong, and a mentor, judge and participant of hackathons, explain exactly how you can benefit from joining hackathons! Read her article on 5 reasons to join hackathons!


To prepare Hackers to maximize their potential, there were several workshops before and during the hackathon:


21st June — Daniel Leung from Forms HK conducted the first workshop, where he performed an introduction of blockchain, and on how to use Hyperledger’s Fabric at “Blockchain using Hyperledger”.

27th June — At our second workshop, the “UI & UX Prototyping Without Coding” workshop, conducted by WHub Alchemist Gram Milosevic in a humorous, illuminative and endearing manner. With the game, Twitch, and Netflix as examples, Gram illustrated how build designs in Skitch and manage flow with Marvel App.


7th July — As competing teams were in full swing with their ideas, Karena Belin, Co-Founder & CEO of WHub, conducted a Pitching Workshop to guild Hackers to bring their products and ideas to the next level. Her electric delivery and powerful presence gave participants the final edge they needed to unveil their product properly in the actual competition.

Karena Belin is an acclaimed speaker, mentor and judge at events and organisations such as the Chicago Booth GNVC, Google EYE, RISE Conference, Tech Open Air Berlin, Techstar’s StartupWeekendHK and Poly U Entrepreneurial Mentorship Network.

In her most recent workshop, Nail Your Pitch Over Breakfast, Jelena Mishina, Founder and CEO of SharedWorkshop, performed a practice pitch during the event, and went along to win the “Women Who Pitch” Competition at RISE.

Winners / Prizes / Perks

With the generous sponsors of the event, the competition was one-of-a-kind event that not only rewarded ingenuity and vision, the focus was also on comfort, health and sustainability.


1st Prize — CreDiscount GO
Combining Credit, Discount & Pokemon GO, their app gamifies discounts & credit saving
Cash — $25,000
Murcul Credits — 100 Credits (Worth 250 USD)(Sponsored by Murcul)

1st Runner Up — GoodTime Scooby
Your saving assistant that provides behaviour training for both parents & children
Cash — $15,000
Murcul Credits — 50 Credits (Worth 175 USD)(Sponsored by Murcul)

2nd Runner Up — Quizmas
Aims to make Terms & conditions frictionless for insurance
Cash — $10,000
Murcul Credits — 50 Credits (Worth 175 USD)(Sponsored by Murcul)

Sustainability Prize — Polar
“No Glue, No Scanner, No Paper”, The Smart Scan App for receipt information
Cash Voucher — $200
Sustainability Prize — Welly bottle (12oz, made with sustainably sourced bamboo), 2 straw sets (1 x metal straw, 1 x brush, 1 cotton pouch each), and 1 reusable Sistema container (Sponsored by Edgar)
Murcul Credits — 50 Credits (Worth 175 USD)(Sponsored by Murcul)

.TECH Domains Prize — MPFHero
Their product helps track, analyze & merge MPF Accounts
Cash — USD $250
Murcul Credits — 50 Credits (Worth 175 USD)(Sponsored by Murcul)

Perks — Tech

Our gracious sponsors made sure that every one who participated in FinHACK were comfortable and full, and they made sure no one left empty-handed!

Microsoft Azure
Sponsored by Microsoft, all participants get Microsoft Azure Passes to the open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform

.TECH Domains
Sponsored by .TECH domains, all participants get one year access to using the domain .tech

RISE Scholarship
Sponsored by Launch Campus, all students under 25 could apply for a RISE ticket scholarship

Perks — Comfort

The venue sponsor of FinHACK 2018 was Tencent WeStart (Hong Kong) in Kwun Tong, a beautifully contemporary, well-equipped and well-managed space, that had the plenty of rooms, tables and space (most importantly WiFi) for teams to formulate their plans, state of the art kitchen and facilities for meals and snacks, and drop down screen and sound system to watch The World Cup 2018.

During afterhour, Jmatek Limited provided several heavy duty air coolers to maintain the air circulation flowing, and ensured hackers and organisers were comfortable after hours.

Perks — Food

At FinHACK, we understand that powerful ideas and processing power is fuelled by powerful brain foods, so every meal at FinHACK was designed to be nutritious, tasty and inclusive. Our goodness-filled meals are from NOSH and Urban Health Foods Limited, and our snacks are from BiteUnite & Edgar.

Besides vegan meals, Oatly AB also provided glorious oat goodness to substitute milk. Redbull also sponsored FinHACK to give Hackers that extra boost to power through their projects.

Mentors / Judges

During the Hackathon, our 14 passionate and dedicated mentors who dotted the venue, refining and polishing the hidden gems from every team, our selection of judges:

  • Gram Milosevic, Alchemist, WHub
  • Patrycja Slawinska, CEO, Lyoness Asia-Pacific
  • Fabien Veron, Head of Asia Equity Derivatives Technology, Societe Generale
  • Arthur Yeung, Equity Derivatives Developer, Front Office IT, Societe Generale
  • Josianne Robb (nee Francois), Head of IT — Digital, Prudential Corporation Asia
  • Hamza Z., Founder, Murcul
  • Francois Gloanec, Business Analyst, COO Global Markets, Societe Generale
  • Guillaume Bar, Electronic Business Sales, Equities & Derivatives, Societe Generale
  • Baptiste Puyou, Head of IS Architecture & Strategy, Societe Generale
  • Pedro P., Organizer at Codeaholics & Agile Coach, why innovation!
  • Richard Fok, Front Office Developer, Societe Generale
  • Kevin Campbell, Managing Director, Diffractive
  • Bei Zhou, Investor Partnership Manager, Greater China, Gatecoin
  • Veronica Fung, Chief of Staff, Operations Asia-Pacific, Societe Generale

On the final day, the entries were examined and put to the test in front of our well-rounded panel of elite judges are experts from all walks of life, they consist of :

  • Charles Gillet, Chief Information Officer Asia Pacific, Societe Generale
  • Jerome Niddam, Head of Global Markets Asia Pacific, Societe Generale
  • Nicolas Boulay, Head of Equity Derivatives Sale Asia Pacific, Societe Generale
  • Mo Harvey, Head of Financial Services & FinTech, Asia Pacific, Entreprise Ireland
  • Gary Hau, Manager (FinTech Facilitation Office, Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA)
  • Syed Musheer Ahmed, General Manager, FinTech Association of Hong Kong


“The objective and judging criteria is different, instead of trying to use the ideas presented at the hackathon, it’s as though the judges actually want you to make your own business. Also, the participants are less sloppy compared to other hackathons I attended at university in Silicon valley.” — Female Participant who works in Silicon Valley

“The food is a lot better than other hackathons — and usually hackathons are free, at least for students, but the things offered really compensated for it. There’s more restrictions, e.g. you have to use fresh code, this hackathon is longer, and it’s more challenging, but it’s good, it’s more fair and it pushes us to work harder.” — Students from South East Asia who are attending HKU & HKUST

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Missed out or can’t wait to do it all over again? Join the Waitlist on to be first in line!

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