HK’s Startup Expert was live on Indian Radio

Interview with Karena Belin to 81 million people

Hong Kong’s startup influence and passion was broadcasted regionally in India this month, as Karena Belin was interviewed live on Telugu One Radio (also known as TORI) to a population of 80 million+. The host, Jaya Peesapaty, usually hosts in Telugu (the 3rd most spoken language in India), but has gone out of her way to welcome Karena onto the show in English.

There were nonstop praises about how impressed they are with each others’ startup ecosystems, business styles, and the efficiency and effectiveness of working together.

Why the interest in Hong Kong… and Karena?

The serial entrepreneur gave a pretty interesting angle on how the two ecosystems can compliment each other. Even a month after the One Million Dollar Challenge landed in Hong Kong, the government officials and startup ecosystem stakeholders of Andhra Pradesh (AP) in Southern India, are still very excited about having signed an MoU with WHub, and are eager to explore all possible collaboration with Hong Kong’s largest startup community. Likewise, it goes without saying that WHub is just as exhilarated to be partnering up with the AP government to take both ecosystems to the next level, and Karena’s insights and passion to catapult the collaboration is evident from her excitement.

A little bit about Karen Belin

She is a well-known startup expert in Hong Kong, and she’s also a technology and innovation fanatic. She is the co-founder & CEO of WHub; HK startup’s power connector; co-founder & COO of AngelHub (Hong Kong’s first regulated startup investment platform), member of FinTech Association Hong Kong, nominee of the American Chamber’s Women of Influence 2018, mentor of various global accelerators… the list never ends. Her comprehensive knowledge and hard-earned life-learnings are nothing short of inspirational.

In this article, we will focus on key takeaways on:

  • how the Hong Kong startup space is more similar to Vizag’s (the City of Destiny, the largest city in AP) than we think
  • how to maximize your lifestyle in the startup space in order to fully unleash your entrepreneurial spirit
  • how India may be the solution to some of Hong Kong’s startup woes

If you are interested in hearing the entire conversation, you can find the radio episode here, (fast forward to 16:50 to hear the special English speaking guest of the show).

Hong Kong vs. Vizag

“ Hong Kong’s ecosystem was not really on the map of a lot of global startup ecosystems and [WHub] really set out on the crusade of helping entrepreneurs to grow and scale. I feel that in Vizag right now, the same thing is happening.” — Karena Belin

Karena was direct when sharing about Hong Kong’s late start in developing the startup space, how that was quickly overcome with the support of different ecosystem players and how Vizag has all the pre-requites it needs to grow just as quickly.

“We[WHub] love to represent Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem, we’ve built a platform which we call a power connector because we help to connect startups to resources they need to grow and scale their business.” Similarly, “given the passion, the energy, the skill, the know-how and involvement of the government”, she believes that Vizag will be on the global startup map very soon.

#Lifehack — the entrepreneurial lifestyle

“Yes, you’re wearing several hats at the same time, and they just compliment each other very beautifully. At the end of the day, I think it’s just leveraging the passion of all stakeholders involved. You can really make great things happen.” — Karena Belin

Jaya commended Karena on her capability to take on so many responsibilities, to the extent that she seems to have “multiple professions” at the same time. Karena commented how everything she does has a connection.

“ At WHub — our tagline is startup passion, we’re really passionate about helping startups grow and scale, and fostering the ecosystem. So being involved in different associations and to support each other — that’s one of the most amazing things.”

Win-Win partnership

“I really have to say, in terms of inspiring each other, we were just so impressed by the passion, the energy and the know-how [the AP government had] in developing Vizag, and the whole AP.” — Karena Belin

As a startup expert, Karena is always finding ways to overcome Hong Kong’s startup hurdles, and she has found a solution in India. Through the partnership, in India launched with a global soft landing program. Besides helping Indian startups establish and scale in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area, it is also to help Hong Kong startups discover the amazing opportunities in the huge Indian market, as well as to connect them to Indian talents (according to a study by LinkedIn in 2014, Bangalore grows tech talent faster than other cities in the world).

In fact, Karena is in Delhi, India, right now for the “TiE Global Summit -Fostering Entrepreneurship” to represent Hong Kong’s startup space, but also to get inspiration and learnings from Indian Entrepreneurship.

Keep up to date with the budding ecosystems

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