All the Exercise Equipment I Use In My Home Workouts

Dwayne Oxford
Aug 23, 2019 · 4 min read
You can do a lot at home with a home workout. Just requires a bit of imagination and dedication.

Originally published on October 24th, 2015

Initially I was going to turn my workout routine into an app where you could use all my fitness tools and turn them into your own program. However, I have so many side projects cooking right now, I don’t have time. I wrote this post because after 3 years on a resistance and body weight training program, I realize that my home workout routine is far superior than any fitness gym. I’ve already touched on this in an earlier post but let me further crush your dreams of any hope that you will get to a gym anytime soon, and if you do, the efficiency you get will be lacking.

Before we get into the entire inventory of my home workout equipment, here’s the top 3 reasons how I got into building my workout routine at home:

  1. In my last post I talked about that only 20% of people who sign up for gym memberships, use the gym. But did you know that of the 20%, 10% of that 20% are personal trainers. Which means, only 10% are regular Janes and Joes, who are nonprofessionals. Do you really believe you are one of the few 10%?
  2. I like the ability to experiment in private and fail gracefully in your own comfort zone. One of the benefits of a home based workout, is you can practice a degree of fitness trail and error, that’s often difficult in a public gym. That trail and error is where you find out what works for your body type.
  3. Even if you get to a gym, there are three key fitness techniques that you’ll find very difficult to apply in a crowded gym. “Staggered super sets , compound sets and drop sets. Combining these three techniques gives you the benefit of training different muscle groups together while alternating these muscle group within sets. This is a secret or lesser known technique, that is key to packing in a lot of intensity, progressive overload, time efficiency while maintaining a degree of variety within your workout. Try jumping to 3–4 different machines consecutively in a training circuit in a standard fitness gym. You’ll be “fighting” for equipment and the ease of moving from exercise to exercise is lost.
Adidas weighted vest — This was the first weighted vest I bought. Maybe in 2012. It’s about 23 pounds. When I first bought it, it felt heavy. Now it’s light as a feather. I can even do jump superman pushups with the vest on. With the proper progressive overload, you can easily get stronger at home. As you saw earlier, I now have a 66 pound vest. Sometimes I use both weighted vests for squats and pus
Notes App — It’s not the most sophisticated app, but I actually use Apple Notes to track some of my daily progress. Not ideal for most, but it has it’s place for quick updates when you don’t want to jump inside of an app.
Anazao resistance band bar — This is a resistance band accessory that has really come in handy. I can now do squats and back training with lot of resistance. The padding makes the grip extremely comfortable and the bar inside is made out of reinforced steel. I can puts pounds of resistance force on this thing and it won’t bend. It’s been key to my leg development.
Door Pull up Bar — There really is no such thing as a home workout regiment if you don’t have a pull up bar. This very wonderful and inexpensive piece of equipment is core to so many things. The utility of this piece of equipment is unbelievable. Pull ups, pushups, ab exercises, and many more. A mush have for any home fitness enthusiast.
Flyup Fitness bars — Found this wonderful piece of equipment when I was in San Francisco. Although it has a lot of functions, I primarily use it for doing chest flyes. I can also use this for abs, like the ab wheel. It has a smooth surface which allows it to glide on any floor surface. Great on carpets. I’m now strong enough, that I can use my 25 pound vest for chest flyes.
Lifeline ab-wheel — I found out about this ab wheel through HITT Richards AKA Calisthenics Kingz. Definitely one of the more pricey ab wheels but it had a great grip and allows you to strap your feet in to do lower ab moves. The ab wheel movement really hits many areas. Abs, shoulders, and even triceps. Great for overall strength and conditioning.
Extra long wrist bands — When using resistance bands, sometimes the band can scrap against elbows and wrists. It can get uncomfortable. These extra long wrist bands will shield you from the scrapes. No matter what type of exercise movement you are doing, always strive for comfort. Discomfort in a movement can distract you from focusing on the movement.
Nike weighted gloves (2 pounds) — Most times I use these gloves without the weights, but they come in handy to protect your hands, when dealing with curls and pressing movements. I also use these gloves when I’m using my resistance bands.
Prana yoga matt — Lots of gym mats out there, but this one is made out of a material that grips the ground. It doesn’t budge or slide around like most mats.
Foam yoga blocks — Very spongy, but not too spongy that you sink. I shove them a quarter of the way under my sofa, then use them as steps for calf raises.
TA Sport Kettle Bells — I have 2 sets of 25 pound (12kg) and 16 pound (8kg) Kettle Bells. Although I’ve out grown these in strength I’ll attach my resistance bands to my kettle bells to up the resistance. Great technique if you don’t want keep buying more weight.

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