The Rise of the I Can’t be Bothered Economy

The rise of automation is becoming a difficult balancing act between human jobs to be done
Automation vs human jobs to be done is becoming a delicate balance.
  1. No more…when is the driver going to arrive
  2. No more…calling hours in advance with no guarantee that I’ll get a driver
  3. No more…getting weirdo drivers who don’t know what they are doing
  4. No more…getting ripped off because the price is now under control
  5. No more…not being able to get a cab because I’m a POC (yes, it still happens)
  1. I get optionality. I can choose whatever car I want.
  2. I can rate my drivers to keep the quality of the drivers up.
  3. Software allows me to track every single car ride in just about every country in the world.
  1. Register and pay more insurance for a second car
  2. Pay for the car note, not to mentioned the maintenance
  3. Deal with repairs if I get into a car accident
  4. Deal with speeding tickets
  5. Have my car sit in a parking lot for most of the week
  6. Having to clean the car
  1. Instant coffee upends brewed coffee
  2. Dry cleaning upends cleaning your own clothes.
  3. Digital chef upends cooking your own food
  4. Audiobooks/ebooks upends binded books
  5. ThreadLabs upends shopping at stores and trying on clothes.
  6. Autonomous Uber cars upends driving your own car.
  7. Amazon Echo upends touching an object to do a task. Yes, you heard that right. It’s actually upending having to touch another object or device to get a task completed. Using your voice to control objects. Simply remarkable.
  1. UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew
  2. Robots Can Now Flawlessly Iron Clothes
  3. Future Without Apps
  4. Meet the Robot Chef That Can That Can Prepare Your Dinner
  5. VIDEO: Two Dudes Test Tesla’s Model 3 Autopilot During Rush Hour Traffic
  6. The inside story of how Amazon created Echo, the next billion-dollar business no one saw coming



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