Why I Stopped Going to the Gym

Dwayne Oxford
Aug 11, 2019 · 2 min read
I stopped going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean I stopped working out
I stopped going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean I stopped working out

Originally published on February 11, 2012

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve tried my best to deny this very fact, but here it is..I Stopped Going to the Gym and here is why:

The Gym is boring

Such a monotonous environment of techno-pump music, half-naked men and women, meat heads who thump weights for ego points, people who run up on you to talk (when you want to actually work out), then waiting for machines on lines that wrap around the perimeter of the gym. Sorry, no thanks.

My time is valuable

By the time I drive to the gym, drive home to the gym, while waiting in line to use my favorite machines, I could have finished an hour of P90x.

My money is valuable

Although the cost of gym memberships have come down considerably, it’s a service I seldom use. According to Medical News Today, 80 percent of 40 million Americans who have bought gym memberships are not using them. Back in the day, guess who was part of the 80%?…me.

My home workouts are more interesting

Over the last several years I’ve been slowly moving my fitness to a home-based workout. Between P90x, Barstarzz, Bartendaz, TRX training and running, I think I have all I need to get in the best shape of my life. I now have included a matrix of pull-ups, natural movement exercises (hand-stand pushups), exotic plank-style pushups, and jump training techniques that keeps me engaged and interested.

I like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I workout

One of the issues I have with gyms, is they are really loud. I can’t even hear what I’m listening to. I don’t need the thunder of treble and bass to get me amped. A nice engaging podcast/audiobook can help me rip muscle just like any “workout” music can.

I don’t shun those who still go to the gym. Some people like the environment of a gym and working out with a partner. I just realize that the gym and how it’s structured, is not working for me. I’ve given it my best shot, but eventually you have to call it quits.

For anyone who is still in doubt about the effectiveness of a home-based workout, let me know. When you have the right tools and motivation, you can get the same results, if not better than any gym.

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Why I Hate the Joneses

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