11. Conclusion

(Goguide.bg, 2016)

The majority of companies still function based on hierarchical structures, despite that this organisational design has been shown to be outdated. Digital transformation pressures companies to become more agile, while society asks for a workplace where purpose guides the principle for decision-making. It is time for a change and revolution in organisational structures. Self-managed teams and flat structures are examples of a more responsive ways to work, considering the current turbulent scenario.

This project explored the leader’s responsibilities when leading the organisational change, since they are the most important members as far as big shifts are concerned. Leadership showed to be still necessary in a transactional process from a hierarchical system to a flat structure. However, the role of the leader differentiates in each.

The recommendations presented in this project were built based on literature review and primary research. It took in consideration real employees experience, exploring their frustrations and the benefits of working in a flat structure. Since the testing phase for this project was limited, further analysis of the toolkit is needed in order to have a deeper analysis and to improve it.

This was an investigation of flat structures as an alternative solution to hierarchical systems. There are various other organisational structures that could also solve the problems that traditional companies are facing. This project does not exclude any other solution, it was just the one of the possible approaches related to the subject.

Since flat structure is a broad concept of an organisational design, it gives flexibility for leaders to think and design their own process based on its principles. Just like the own project explicits, there is not a formula of success, since the company design depends on the dynamic of each team. Leaders should hold the responsibility to adjust the company’s or group’s structure in order to direct the best approach. Even though flat structures are proved to work in different sectors, limitations for different sectors can occur and different methods should be put in place.

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