The Digital Age is the Future

Only 39 percent of shoppers aged 18 to 24 haven’t shopped with their smartphone, substantially lower than the 56 percent recorded from other age groups. The digital age has been disruptive to the industry, as consumers are now more informed and purposeful,and less impulsive or less likely to simply browse around. Retailers now get half the amount of foot traffic they did back in 2009.

Online Traffic Leads to Greater Offline Sales

When asked, 70 percent of the PwC Total Retail 2015 survey respondents said they’d intentionally browsed products online, and decide to buy them in-store. Many consumers use online stores primarily for conducting research and comparing other products.

Digital Currencies Are Becoming More Popular

The Total Retail Survey revealed that 39 percent of the respondents could envision themselves using digital currency in the future. Only 25 percent of the sample was able to rule out using digital currency in the future, so if it does gain in popularity your business will most likely have to adjust.

Consumers Research Online Before Making a Purchase

The data shows that close to 65 percent of retail sales are now influenced by the digital space. Nearly 80 percent of the digital shoppers conduct research online before making purchases at the store.

The World Will Continue to Become More Digital

The increasing number of new opportunities available out there are mostly digitally based right now. The innovations that will shape the marketing and advertising going forward are designed around being digital and scalable online.