Mini Challenge III- The Storyboard

Team Why See Design

The Use context

The people living away from home, cannot afford to buy all the commodities and stuff required as they are rarely used. But there are situations where they very urgently need a product but it is for a temporary use so it is not feasible to buy. Due to this they refrain from the opportunities or face trouble adjusting with the limited Resources.

Part I: A guitar Owner has a guitar which he rarely uses
PART II: A person who needs a guitar urgently is not able to get one by asking People
After using our Design Intervention which connects the two people..

User Group

In a city like Bangalore people,migrate there for jobs in corporate industries. There people live away from home in temporary accommodations. There at times they face the need of a commodity or product for a short period of time.

The user depicted here is a professional in a reputed IT firm, he loves to play guitar, and was hoping to perform at a office function. But he left his guitar at home and Couldn’t perform at the function.
He asked his close friends and people he knew if they had a guitar and were interested to lend but sadly no one he knew had one.
A person also living in the same city nearby had an idle guitar.
He called that person and gave all the necessary details and verification, and communicated about the caution amount.
He was happy as not having an instrument was not a hindrance and did not devoid him of the opportunities.
The guitar owner also got benefited as he got paid for lending his idle guitar.

Impact of the Design Intervention

This way he didn't had to call for his own guitar from home or buy a new one just for an evening’s performance. And he was happy as not having an instrument was not a hindrance and did not devoid him of the opportunities.Also the guitar owner was satisfied as the costly guitar that he bought could fetch him money when it was idle.

Even the poor guitar is happy now.. ;)

Thank You..

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