May 30, 2017 · 2 min read
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HowToTellYourChild’s 5 Alerts Approach to fight child sexual abuse

I am a mother of three — Two preschoolers and an infant. From the time they started talking I have been confused as to how I should make them understand what’s good and what’s bad; about how to teach them about difficult topics such as child sexual abuse. When I started my blog two years ago, I wanted to write about parenting but again didn’t know how to convey the message. It was then that I learned about the online platform ‘How To Tell Your Child’.

I got an email from a blogger friend mentioning ‘How to tell your child.’ Being a book reviewer, I had not reviewed any other product till then but I could not stop myself from telling the world about this wonderful venture. Surprisingly or not, it was one of my most popular posts of that time. I have been getting a lot of emails asking about the same since then and I had to repost my original article (link to Rakhi’s blog). This is not about my writing or blog but about the awareness every mother longs to have.

I showed my kids the videos shared on the blog. I realized that I had underestimated my kids. They understood more than what I had assumed. My kids in fact loved the videos and started telling me about the 5 different alerts shown in the child safety video. The stark reality of our society was introduced to my kids without scaring them. Since then I have been regularly following the blog and their articles. It is like a fairy with a magic wand. The fairy waved the wand and I’m given the magical power to convey the most difficult message to my kids.

How to tell your child not only shares stories and videos for kids but also tells parents how to convey the messages ourselves to our kids. Awareness is never limited to kids. It should start from parents, who should be empowered to teach their kids.

A parent’s task of talking to their child about puberty is difficult and incomprehensible. How can we tell them about puberty without crossing the line, yet make them understand? How can we make our girl understand her periods at a young age? While these were my concerns when my kids were infants, now I’m tension free. I can come back to this platform at any time and get answers to all my dilemmas.

‘How to tell your child’ is a platform that can change many lives. It teaches not only the kids but the parents as well.

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