As men, should we bother about Periods

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As a man, I do not think about ‘periods’ unless the lady of the house has been busy and the stock is below the emergency order quantity. Even though it looks like a very simple sentence, it carries lot of undertones. In case you miss, I am a conscientious life partner. The use of stock and emergency order quantity clearly indicates my professionalism. My wife might refute one of the undertones.

I work with and I sell Period Panties. It made me ponder as a man, “Should we know about periods. Is it necessary to know more about the cycle which our mothers, sisters, partners and colleagues undergo?”

Few facts -

The average women spends more than 2190 days menstruating; that is six years of her life.

They bring upon hormonal changes which causes them physical and psychological impact. She pays with her body and mind so that human race can continue to exist. Working with Adira has made me aware of the callousness of remarks such as, “Don’t get hormonal on me,” or “Is it that time of the month?”

School girls in developing countries drop out of education when they reach puberty because they do not have access to sanitary supplies. Imagine a girl who could have been the next Mary Kom or Curie could not achieve her destiny because of a normal reproductive function. We, at Adira do our bit by giving away period panties to school girls in India once a year. The heart-warming part is that our customers recommend deserving schools for this give away.

Should we men be involved with periods? I think it’s a personal choice for each one of us. Periods don’t need our sympathy or our empathy. The girls have it figured but one thing we must all do is be respectful of this natural process.

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