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Do men find pregnant women attractive? Find out more…

It has been few months since I started working with Adira and Morph, where we make and sell innovative products for women. As one among the very few men on the team, I am becoming more and more sensitised. I realise now that some women get insecure with changes in their bodies during pregnancy. Unfortunately there is body-shaming involved. I recollect so many conversations where an overweight person with a big tummy is asked “When are you going to deliver the baby?”

I wanted to take the body-shaming bulls by the horns; and asked a few men in my circle “Do you find pregnant woman attractive?”. Here’s what they said.

Rajesh Chandrasekhar, Director — Engineering, Cisco

I do! And I am not referring to the likes of Demi Moore’s naked picture on the cover of 1991 Vanity Fair magazine when she was seven months pregnant!

Pregnant women symbolise the ultimate machine — procreation of a human being. Modern science’s limited understanding of human body creates an added level of mysticism to the fascinating journey of a foetus to a baby.

Women carry their yet-to-be bundle of joy for nine months while carrying about their routine activities — what could be more attractive than this magical metamorphosis!

Sagar Sarma, Director, Edge Verve

“When in college, looking at pregnant women gave the impression of a curve that you want to avoid. But looking at my wife during pregnancy growing in bulge felt like it is so natural and actually beautiful. now it gives me impression of things like happiness, sacrifice, pain, hardship, commitment, control etc all pulling together a women to give a new shape and meaning.”

Matt DiMercurio, General Contractor, Eugene, Oregaon

Yes, because there’s a glow and an energy, and a chemistry going on within them that is very attractive. But they can also have a fierce, not so lovely side”

Jai, Director Customer Success, Yashram and the author of this blog :)

The decision to have a child is such a huge responsibility. I have always been acutely aware of the disproportionate biological price paid by a woman compared to a man. That a woman makes a choice to have a child makes her generously attractive.

One can read myriad books and watch multiple videos, but having your own baby is a very personal story. That a woman would venture into unknown makes her courageously attractive.

When she is carrying a child, she is carrying in her womb a potential promise. A person might create unimaginable goodness for the entire race and the planet, making her attractive in a timeless manner.

Having a child is super special. The cute baby bump, the glowy smile on the face and the invincible love in the heart makes her uniquely attractive. Alluring in a very feminine manner.

Do I find Pregnant Woman attractive? My answer, not only do I find them attractive but extremely gorgeous.

I am proud to be working with Morph Maternity where we strive to make would-be mamas and new mamas feel as gorgeous as they truly are!

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