A Vulnerable “Peach” From The Total Bettys

The Total Bettys
Another Lauren Records Roster, Another Gem.

Joining Lauren Records, San Francisco outfit The Total Bettys have just released the debut album Peach not long ago. The title is kind of perfect tho’. It’s like saying the album got a bittersweet taste and fuzzy look on the surface.

‘I’ll Fix It’ opens up the album then followed up by ‘Back Against The Wall’ and ‘You’ll Be Sorry’. Over these tracks, I can catch on The Total Bettys’ music and I totally enjoy it. Then come up their first single and I think the big gun in this album ‘Stay Here All Night’ that tells a sincerity story of an introvert person at party.

The lyrics mostly explore the vulnerability within a relationship while sonically they sound really punk. On an interview, The Total Bettys as expected said the songs really deal with anxiety and dysfunctional relationships. Additionally, they’re eager to voice “the importance of friendship, vulnerability, and expressing compassion.”

The band is perhaps a mix between local Bay Area talents like Jay Som and Pity Party. But if you’re into Cub, Cayetana, Swanning, Thin Lips, Katie Ellen, those also totally work.