‘Carry On’ Andy The Band

Andy The Band are a new thing for me. I’ve never heard the band or the man behind it. But the music is so familiar, if you’re into power pop and garage punk mixture.

The band is a solo project from Andy Dahlstrom, previously known as the member of Terrible Feelings, Satanic Surfers, and Sista Sekunden. Now you know some Swedish bands to dig in.

I have very good times with Carry On 7" EP. The first track ‘Carry On’ and ‘Fight For You’ are so poppy, damn good catchiness. While ‘Mind Your Heart’ and ‘Where Time Doen’t Exist’ go with the garage style of Radioactivity. Overall, I think if you’re the fans of Paul Westerberg or Jeff Burke or Steve Adamyk, this little gift can please your body and soul. You should check it out.