Getting Chaotic With Loose Tooth’s “Big Day”

Loose Tooth
The band captures the chaotic sound that uniquely Loose Tooth

Philly outfit Loose Tooth has recently released the sophomore record Big Day via Father/Daughter Records and Lame-O Records.

First of all, I’m bit of nervous can’t handle to how intense and angular they sound. But I enjoyed it completely “Garlic Soup” and “Roach Motel”. It’s cool when you can find a spot amid of chaotic and melodic atmosphere. And not to mention that they’re also infectious, listen to “Sleep With The State Concept.”

Loose Tooth is formed by Larissa Sapko (bass) and Kian Sorouri (guitar) in 2013. Two years later, Christian Bach (drum) and Kyle Laganella (guitar) joined the band and worked together on the debut album Easy Easy East.

In the end, I’m really gravitated by this band buzzwords: mathy, noisy, fuzzy and poppy.