Here Are The New Patsy’s Rats Songs

If you’re familiar with Dirtnap and Burger Records bands, then you’ll already have a good idea of what Patsy’s Rats can do to your ears. With the member from Mean Jeans Christian Blunda and also featuring Patsy Gelb on vocal, they will rock our life with powerpop gem.

This time around, this Portland outfit put a new 7-inch via Dirtnap Records. They offer ‘Roundin’ Up’ and ‘Little Rat Charm’ which are 2 catchy songs. The poppy guitars sound and rock & roll driving and killer bassline and the hook are totally sticking with me.

Patsy’s Rats already released the debut self-titled album in 2015 with everyone’s favorite single ‘Rock & Roll Friend’. They also have released 3 other 7-inches with various labels. With this fourth release, they are gonna compile it in a singles-compilation album on Bachelor Records this year.