Interview: Softcrime

I just want to deliver positive things to love your parents, especially your mom

Softcrime are the latest exciting band to come out of Jakarta Timur. Featuring members of The Spikeweed, Sumar and Billy The Klits, Softcrime deserve to be placed in one of the best up and coming local acts folder. Though it’s too early to say that as they only share 2 demos, but still it can’t hide the catchy bubblegum-filled pop-punk that will no doubt excite my heart.

To know more about the band, please see my brief convo with Dawk, Echa, and Dhony. We talked about one of their songs, ‘Listen to Your Mom’. And how the song will reflect our relationship with our parents. Ughh shit, I love you mom and thank you dad for being a shitty dad.

Let’s give us some introductions, who are Softcrime?

Dawk: Softcrime is a rock band with a little bit influenced by bubblegum/powerpop. Echa plays the drum, Dawk on guitar and vocal, dan Dhony on bass and vocal.

Echa: Actually, we don’t want to get pigeonholed into one particular genre. We listen to any music. But the bottom line is still punk rock.

Do you have a story how the band formed?

Dawk: No, it just happened like that, just like the big bang.

If you called in sick from work to make a band practice, does it categorized as a soft crime?

Dhony: It seems that’s included but don’t do it too often.

Dawk: Yup

‘Listen to your mom’ is a rad song. I assume it’s like I’m an anarchist but I also need to keep caring and listening to my mom. Is that right?

Dawk: Yeah, pretty much like that. When I was a teenager I didn’t listen to my mom. But when I grew up and recently getting married I learned to respect my mom. And I just want to deliver positive things to love your parent, especially your mom.

Echa: Didit (Dawk) made the lyrics and Wak Donay (Dhony) made the music. We actually wanted to write it in Bahasa Indonesia, but it felt not right.

For the music, do you have a story to tell? Where did you get inspirations?

Dhony: hahaha I didn’t get inspirations from anywhere. For the music, it usually just crosses my mind.

Dawk: “Kalau Kau benar sayang padakuuuu”

That’s it, I feel so familiar with the song but I can’t remember anything. Do you think it’s related to Rafika Duri’s song?

Dawk: Not related. When Dhony sent the material it’s still raw. But I’m so interested right away to play it in the studio. And it’s pretty similar to you, I was wondering what a song sounded like this. After I wrote the lyrics, it started to ring the bell that the verse part it’s similar to that song (Rafika Duri).

Echa: It’s accidental and it’s not related at all.

Dhony: Yeahh, I also just realized it when Dawk told me.

Since you only unveiled 2 songs so far, what other songs will you play for a show?

Dhony: For the setlist, we have songs that we’ve not released it yet.

Dawk: Besides two songs on Bandcamp, there are other 2 songs called ‘Pros and Cons’, and ‘Skip The Punk Show’.

Do you have plans with those songs and what the future holds for the band?

Dhony: We will do the standard things, a couple of those songs will be included in our debut album plan. Meanwhile, Echa got something to say…

Echa: hehehe yoi, we will do an EP for now.

Dawk: I just want to have fun on the stage by doing it not too serious and not too ridiculous either because we’re not that cool. As a band, we want to meet tons of people, sharing thoughts and knowledge, make new friends, and sharing ‘rezeki’. haha

Dhony: Right on!