Let’s Talk About Oso Oso’s The Yunahon Mixtape Here

photo credit: Mike Cicchetti
Let’s talk about the strong contender of album of the year

Oso Oso is the music project of Jade Lilitri after his band State Lines went off too soon. From Oso Oso, I’m more assured to say that Long Island is a scene where punk bands typically have a some kind of radio (Spotify) hit ambition. You can guess it, ranging from Taking Back Sunday, The Movielife, Brand New to Iron Chic.

Lalitri may share the DNA. Want some evidence? The Oso Oso’s second record The Yunahon Mixtape seriously has gravitated a lot of people from different scene.

The album can amass big attention because it’s so good. After couple times listening, the record seems to be literally a love song mixtape. But only it contains songs to say I Love You to someone and turned out to be I hate you and myself phase. It’s sad, but it’s beautiful sad, and still good!

You also can observe that The Yunahon Mixtape suggests names like Mariah, Nathan, Hayley and Annie in the lyrics. Every name has own history. Lilitri says that “Out Of The Blue” which is Hayley mentioned is a song about a woman who moves out the town to get an abortion, causing a fight with her father.

Comparing to Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind of Looked Like A Monsters, Lilitri indicates a grown-up guy in The Yunahon Mixtape. Back then, he wrestled with break-up and personal anxieties. Now, it’s more broader than his own issues.

Aside that, I mostly love to how Lilitri tailors melodies and harmonies and makes punk becomes so catchy or poppy without even leaving its essence. Like I say, this what I mean with Long Island radio hit ambition and still true for guys in the niche scene.

Overall, Oso Oso has successfully surprised many music fans including his longtime fans with The Yunahon Mixtape. But what he never thought that he’s just surpassed a lot of people and his own expectations. I bet, everyone still wants to talk this album more in next couple years.