Trailer: “Personal Shopper” Drags The Ghost Story To Post-modern Life

Kristen Stewart goes with the ghost, grief and angst.

Olivier Assayas and Kristen Stewart has collaborated once again with new feature Personal Shopper. Assayas helped to redefine Stewart potential in Cloud of Sills Maria and got praised by many critics. Now it seems the movie is just a blasting off for another profound piece of work, because I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this movie!

Personal Shopper is about Maureen (Kristen Stewart), a young American woman living in Paris. While working as a personal shopper for a celebrity named Kyra, she’s also attempting to communicate with her dead brother. That’s the exciting part about this movie. It’s a part of ghost story and also post-modern life story.

As you might see, yes, it’s a horror movie with deep grief story backbone. We’ve seen many of those. What makes me so much interested in this movie, Assayas seems not only want a jump scare out of me with the scary ghost scene, but with modern life anxieties.

Go watch the trailer!