Onsind Are Forever Punk and ‘Immature’

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Onsind have released a new single from their upcoming album We Wilt, We Bloom, called ‘Immature’. Their last record Anaesthesiology was released in 2013. Over past 4 years, the members also were busy being punk and restoring our faith in humanity by fighting toward brainless tories with Martha.

When you listen to music like Onsind, the first thing that you should care is the lyrics , story, and its message. The music comes after that. So speaking of the lyrics, ’Immature’ channels their frustrations about the generation conflict, how the old people looked down on me, millennial. Or maybe in general how life is treating you in mid twenties and early thirties that your maturity success is defined by materialism and big things you’ve owned.

They say we’re all so self-obsessed//So lazy, so work-shy, and all the rest// It’s seems to me the one thing that unites my friends is that we all just wanna fucking die.

Above is so relatable to mine or maybe our personal experience. People always say that my generation is lazy and spoiled and never going afford a house because we spend most of the money on gadgets and lifestyle. Yeah, say the generation who enjoys life with being a landlord and controls today’s economy or making 0% downpayment to enter a lifetime mortgage as a shortcut political campaign. To get it clear, who will afford a house if the price and my income gap are so depressing right now? The only investment that I have right now is sadness and anger.

“Do I sound like a teenager when I say that you’ve infantilised our rage?” Onsind rule!

Another thing, ‘Immature’ also sounds new for Onsind. The sound is fuller now by adding drums and electric guitars. It feels great, reminding me that recently folk-punk like AJJ and Walter Mitty and His Makeshift have also transformed into a full band. I’m also excited with the new line up featuring Naomi Griffin, Jason Cavalier and Claire Swift.

So I guess, I’m gonna say that I very anticipate the new record which going to be out in November 17 and released by the best and everyone’s favourite UK DIY label Specialist Subjects as well as Salinas Records in USA. For the moment, please check the music and video below.

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