Push Your Emotions to the ‘Corner’ of Football, etc.

Football, etc.
Another superb heartfelt record from the Texan emo.

Houston, TX emo-tinged indie-rock Football, etc. just released the third full-length Corner this recent week. I’ve been super anticipating the release since they announced joining the new label Community Records and Barely Regal Records not a long ago.

One thing that I can say straightly for the first time is just how amazing this record. Since the beginning, I’m so into with how they are sounded, melodicism that touched my emotions and how they play together as the band. Lindsay Minton’s stunning vocal might become the light that never goes away for me. I admit it’s keen resonating and lingering after listening to Corner.

And honestly, the record is sort of succeeding to make me feeling of being cornered. “If you were a ship/I’d be drowning in your wake/I think that I forgot how to swim,” sing Lindsay in ‘Save’. “If I just try, will it be alright? Will it be just fine?,” follows the second track ‘Try Out’.

It sums up a kind of good sense of vulnerability. All the tracks here are the contemplative and inward-facing stimulus.

Plus, high-profile producer J Robbins also has done one hell of a job to bring out the best in Football, etc. It’s impossible to pick the favorite track in a very cohesive collection like this.

Overall, Corner is going to be a pleasant record for the loyal follower of Football, etc. while it attracts new audiences who are just familiar with Rainer Maria, Velocity Girl, The Van Pelt, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mineral and Jimmy Eat World of Clarity era. Current bands that can be similar with them might be The New & Very Welcome, Dikembe, Katie Ellen, Dowsing, and Positive No.