Going to ‘Pieces’ With The Talkboy

The Talkboy

The Talkboy is a solo moniker or I’d say another vehicle for Malang current most talented artist, Bagas Yudhiswa (Beeswax, Welter on Cinema etc). He recently released new EP called Pieces. The album stream plus nice visual can be viewed below.

I guess Pieces is an 18-minutes of bedroom/sad pop local favorite. For this latest project, Bagas is likely studying some best parts of Mac DeMarco, Elvis Depressedly, and Youth Lagoon carefully and cross it with his very own heartfelt melody. The music is really enjoyable with simple and catchy reverb guitars pop collided with some effortless good harmonies, which is totally awesome things to listen to. Most importantly, it may sound lo-fi but no doubt very jammy and a feel-good listening.

Honestly, I can only remember ‘Time To Time’ and I just go flowing with rest and comes off find myself enjoying it as a whole collection. Imo it’s good things, I’d say it nicely becomes cohesive and ties everything up together.

Lyrics wise, Bagas talks about stories that related to relationship, mundane life, and sobriety. ‘Time to time’ for example, he goes singing ‘It seems like another day/that I’ve been through/ I gotta face all the things/ day by day/ time to time’. And the music goes on, but there is no need to say more. You get bored with things you are bitching about.

Overall, Pieces is good and I don’t know how many times I say that word here. But it feels like he didn’t make moody music for himself but just created a perfect place for others to live in melancholic, tropical, sea breeze and chilling out space. Reminding me, even a rough time can be tender. And sure, we welcome you there!