Tall Friend is Your Bedroom Pop Lover

photo credit: Lora Mathis

Tall Friend is the undisputed sweetest bedroom pop band in Exploding in Sounds Records yet. But still, it has a peculiarity that you can’t find it somewhere else.

Before releasing the full-length debut Safely Nobody’s in August, they reissue the Tawl Friend EP for the new label. It has good tunes, so heartfelt and nice reviews from NPR and GoldFlakePaint too. As NPR stated “Charlie Pfaff sings a story of lust and loss throughout the five-track release.”

Tawl Friend centers around big themes like friendship, family and finding your space to grow up. ‘Cockroach’ for example, it’s cynical song with mega sun-burn lyrics but still really introspective to me.

I like how Charlie Pfaff ended her song with honest statement “You cannot grow without some pain” . I think the song is not limited to your ex-lover, it could be about one of your butthurt friends or your estranged dad. It can be anything hard to deal with likewise a cockroach.