The Phenomenal Ride of The Undertaker

The Phenom/Deadman
His longevity career is unparalleled, and this is a sort of adulation for that

The iconic, beloved and legendary wrestler just stepped out the ring in the final match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 33. Although we feel greatly sad but it’s really remarkable to see that the Undertaker has already been nearly three decades in the ring. His longevity career at WWE is unparalleled, and this is a sort of adulation for that.

The Skyscraper

All of this was started with the young wrestler name Mark Callaway. He debuted his career in 80’s era within the Von Erich family promotion WCCW. Later on he moved to WCW and reached his first mainstream spotlight under the name of ‘Mean’ Mark Callous as a member The Skyscraper tag team managed by Teddy Long. However, that didn’t last for long. In 1990, WCW decided to release him, and that ending would be the beginning of the walking legend.

That’s when Ted DiBiase introduced Mark with the name of Cain the Undertaker as his mystery partner in the Million $ Team at Survivor Series. In his huge debut, he pulled the dark mortician character that looked ridiculous yet so stand out from the rest of the colorful disco rosters at that time. His style, charisma and look caught everyone attention. And since then, WWE pushed the Undertaker to be the top in the industry — as we practically never missed the main event without his appearance.

The Undertaker’s character has always been relevant over decades. He somewhat has the ability to re-invent himself in a constant changing climate of the WWE industry, through the late golden era, the attitude era and the new era. He debuted as the old west zombie then transformed into the antichrist leader for the Ministry of Darkness to an American badass biker. In 2004, he returned to the character root as the deadman. And all of these character also included the whole twisted logic of Paul Bearer-Kane-The Undertaker family story.

the evolution of the dead man

The persona of the Undertaker has been the foundation for some of memorable gimmick matches in WWE history, such as Casket, Last Ride, Buried Alive, and even Hell in a Cell match. Those matches are the legacy of the Undertaker.

Fans didn’t care if he carried a belt or not, the Undertaker not needing it to be relevant. All these years, fans seemed happy with his dark mantle and hat, but if there was a belt, that would be great too. He ever won the Hardcore Championship one time and a seven-time World Champion. The tombstone piledriver finisher also got the seven-tag championship under his belt, including won the three belt under The Brothers of Destruction tag team with Kane. Not to mention, he also holds the unbelievable Wrestlemania 21 winning streak and retired Shawn Michaels in 2013.

Not only character, his in-ring style also evolved after nearly three decades in the industry. The Undertaker could go ‘old school’ while incorporating the modern MMA attack. However that ring style also cost him. If we would see his style match, it’s hard for him to continue wrestling at his age now. The Undertaker mortality is in the air.

When a WWE superstar bids farewell, they usually take a mic in the middle of the ring to express words after all those years. But you don’t expect that from the Undertaker. When the match with Roman Reigns ended, he ended it like he came in: quite and with a meaningful symbol.