WSTR Ride UK Pop-punk Wave on ‘Red, Green or Inbetween’


Fast, loud, big hooks to sing along and relatable lyrics are the UK pop-punk trademark recently. Thanks to Seb Barlow too, his hardworking definitely shapes the rising wave, making mammoth US labels in the genre like Hopeless Records, Rude Records and No Sleep Records scouting UK next roster to headline Warped Tour.

Here and right now we have WSTR. It’s the band from Liverpool-Wrexham founded by Sammy Clifford, Kieren Alder and Danny Swift and Alex Tobijanski. Since the inception they already signed to No Sleep Records and put the debut SKRWD EP. Right now, these guys just stepped out with the new full-length Red, Green or Inbetween.

On the Red, Green or Inbetween, WSTR talked about the generic things for most pop-punk kids, being a mediocre (Featherweight), break-up (Footprints, Nail The Casket), lost (King’s Cup), mental health (Lonely Smiles). But I would pick the last three tracks in this album as my favorite. It’s going catchier than ever.

Materi di EP SKRWD kayaknya lebih oke dibanding debut full-lenghtnya sekarang. Di sana lebih terasa angsty dan sound yang tidak terlalu polished. Plus, lirik WSTR yang memang mencakup kebosanan days job terdengar jujur dan punya viewpoint menarik dibanding youthful anthem yang didominasi Neck Deep, Trash Boat dan Homebound. Mungkin mereka berpikir susah masuk di segment adult pop-punk mengikuti The Wonder Years.