5K Wibson Data Sellers

In just one month since we released the Wibson app and launched the Wibson data marketplace, we’ve already surpassed 5,000 data sellers. This is a very important milestone for Wibson and shows the tremendous interest individuals have in a secure and easy way to monetize their personal data. As our user base continues to grow, we will attract more Data Buyers, providing Wibson users more opportunities to profit from their data. We want to thank all of the Wibson data sellers who have supported this project and shared valuable feedback to help improve Wibson.

Here are other updates for the week.

Worldwide Events

November will be a busy month for the Wibson team. We are excited to participate in three major events in the next month. More than 6000 attendees are expected at Tri TEC 2018 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2–4. This is an important digital media event that focuses on disruptive technology, digital products and the creation of content in new formats. Rodrigo Irarrazaval of Wisbon will be presenting. The Singapore Fintech Festival 2018 is the world’s largest platform for the global financial technology community and runs November 12–16, and Wibson CEO and Co-Founder, Mat Travizano, will be one of the keynote speakers. Finally, the C20 Conference — Bitcoin + Blockchain in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 16 and 17 is the most important crypto conference in the Spanish-speaking world. More than 3000 attendees and 50 speakers will be featured across two days of seminars, workshops, networking opportunities and Q&A sessions.

Wibson Is Live in Uruguay

Wibson has successfully launched in Uruguay! This is the fourth country where the Wibson marketplace is live, and the community there is growing rapidly. We plan to keep expanding Wibson’s presence across the world as quickly as we can.

How to Use the Wibson App

We created a new video that quickly and easily explains how the Wibson app and marketplace work. It’s perfect for new Wibson users who are looking to get started. The video is available on the Wibson website and across Wibson’s social channels. Please share your thoughts about it with us!

Tim Cook Keynote

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, recently shared his views on personal data being weaponized during his keynote address at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners that took place in Brussels during October 22–26. We were very happy to hear one of the tech industry’s most powerful players support Wibson’s views on the issues and opportunities associated with personal data.

“Users should always know what data is being collected from them and what it’s being collected for.”

Watch the the full speech:

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