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Building a New Wibson App

We have just released a new update of the Seller App. This is the first of many changes in 2020. Check out what’s coming.

This new year (and decade) came with lots of improvements for Wibson. We want to share with you some of the amazing ideas we have for the app which will enhance, not only the user experience, but also the benefits of being a Data Owner.

Wibson Login

The first update of the year was released on January 28th. The app now includes a recovery feature for users to recover their account easily. In the past they needed to remember their Private Key, a long code with many characters.

Now if you change your phone or uninstall the app and reinstall it, you can simply login and you will have access to your WIB and your transactions history.

The new version also includes bug fixes and improves the User Experience (UX) as transitions are faster.

Control Your Privacy

It is no accident that we have chosen January 28th for our first update of the year. January 28th is Data Privacy Day. You probably have read many articles about the subject during the last two years, given increased awareness of how users’ data is used without their explicit consent.

To combat this issue, the next updates of the Wibson App will include several Data Privacy and Security features that will allow you to control the services you use (from apps to Social Media and email) and prevent from the misuse of your personal information.


In yesterday’s update we also launched the Reward Marketplace. Companies now have the ability to add their products/services to benefit Data Owners for selling their data. If you want to offer your products on the Wibson Marketplace, please send us an email to info@wibson.org.

Give us your feedback!

The Login and Rewards features were inspired by your feedback. We always listen to our community and make improvements according to their needs. Please tell us your thoughts about the updates!

Telegram: https://t.me/wibsoncommunity

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WibsonOrg

Email: info@wibson.org



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