Consensus 2018 in New York City

We’re excited to be in New York City to attend Consensus 2018. We’re here to educate people about the need for a data ecosystem in which every person has the right to “own their data”.

What we’re up against, however, is skepticism that the world has truly changed since the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony.

We see this skepticism on a regular basis. When we broach the subject of individual control over the collection and monetization of their personal information, people often respond quizzically.

One person flatly told us in a conversation, “That’s great, but Amazon, Google and Facebook will never give us the keys to manage our own data.”

Another added, “Sounds nice, but how will I ever manage it all? It’s too complicated.”

But the data “oligarchs” are in fact opening the door and Wibson is stepping in to make managing your data simple and easy. We’re here to tell you that the era in which people control their personal data is upon us.

Nothing can stop it. As Newton said, a force in motion will stay in motion until it’s acted upon by an outside force. Big Data companies won’t be able to stop the momentum behind consumer-managed data.

Make no mistake, the “Big Opt Out” is coming. GDPR arrives this month on May 25. It’s only a matter of time before consumers demand the right to manage and control their data. Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others, although we enjoy your services, you’ve taken too much. It’s time to push back and take control.

Wibson provides the platform that gives consumers the ability to make control of their personal data a reality. Wibson is the means for consumers to sell access to advertisers by saying, “I want to hear your message. But first, pay me.”

The sooner the “oligarchs” of data acknowledge this movement, the better off they will be. They should not fight, because it’s a battle they cannot win.

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