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Jampp Joins Wibson Data Marketplace as Data Buyer

We are excited to announce that global mobile marketing platform Jampp is now a Data Buyer in the Wibson marketplace. Wibson app users can now sell their personal data directly to Jampp through the Wibson app and be rewarded with Wibson utility tokens.

Jampp helps mobile app marketers engage and acquire new users for a variey of apps. Built for scale and efficiency, their marketing platform automatically analyzes data to create customized ads to also enhance users’ in-app experience. With offices in San Francisco, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, and Cape Town, Jampp is trusted by the world’s leading e-commerce apps.

Quoted for the press release for the announcement, our Wibson Co-founder and CEO Mat Travizano said: “The most valuable asset in the world is now data. The Wibson platform and utility token are giving consumers, for the first time, an easy way to get something back in return for the mountains of personal data they are continually creating. We’re excited to welcome Jampp, one of the most respected brands in mobile engagement, to our marketplace and provide our users more options to generate value from their data.”

Jampp Head of Product Guido Crego added: “By using the Wibson marketplace as a new source of opted-in location data for our media targeting, we will be able to provide even better performance for our customers. With Wibson, we also know consumers are aware of their data being used while benefiting directly from the data transactions.”

As a reminder to our users, your data remains on your device until you decide to share it, and only then is your data encrypted and sent directly to the Data Buyer. Wibson never receives consumers’ data nor stores it on our servers. The Wibson marketplace orchestrates the transactions based on the terms of the Data Buyers offer. Once a data transaction is confirmed through the blockchain-managed smart contract, you receive your payment in Wibson tokens directly to your Wibson token wallet.

Launch your Wibson app now and check out the offers from Jampp!

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