Successful Smart Contract Audits Posted

One of the most critical elements of any blockchain based project is the integrity and security of the network, with the foundation being the smart contracts deployed in the network. In order to ensure a high of level confidence in the details of the smart contracts, third party audits of the code are typically performed.

Wibson chose to perform two security audits on our Ethereum smart contracts, the results of which we are sharing with you today. The audits come from Zeppelin and New Alchemy, who will very shortly be publishing the reports on their own platforms as well. Both audit teams provided valuable feedback that resulted in some limited changes to the contracts. Those changes were then also audited, and the completed results included in the final reports, which you can find in the Documents section of

Completion of these audits is a major step in the Wibson consumer data marketplace project and we are very pleased to have received support from Zeppelin and New Alchemy at this stage of the process. Once we launch the Wibson marketplace, we will unlock access to our source code that the audits reviewed, as well as initial documentation for the code, both on GitHub.

We hope you will review these documents thoroughly, provide us feedback and ask us questions in our Telegram group.


The Wibson Team

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