Tips to protect yourself against fraud

There are thousands of new fraudulent scams every year, and cryptocurrency has given rise to new variations on common tricks. In this article we highlight useful information to help you avoid scammers.

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1. Confirm admin’s identity in the Telegram Groups

When you follow a crypto Community on Telegram it is very likely that you will receive a personal message by a fake “Admin” asking for personal information. BE CAREFUL. Impersonating a group admin is one of the most common tactics used by Telegram scammers. To impersonate community administrators, scammers will typically create a very similar username to a group admin’s name and use the same profile photo and title text.

There are a few ways to identify scammers:

  • The Customer Support team will never contact you to ask for private information. If someone contacts you, and tells you he/she is from Customer Support, click on the name on the chat window and check if both of you have the Telegram Group in common. If you do not have groups in common the user might be a scammer. If this happens, please contact someone from the Wibson’s team.
  • Check their UserID by clicking on their name. It should start with “@”. Then check if that userID is an admin or not. If he or she is not an admin in the group, they are probably scamming you. Note that sometimes the username can be similar if they use tricks such as substituting a lowercase “L” with an uppercase “i”.
  • If someone asks for money, you know it’s a scam. Never send any money or cryptocurrency.

The official Wibson’s Telegram Group is @wibsoncommunity. We also have another channel for our Spanish speaking users, which is @wibsoncriollo. If you’re added to another group, it might be fraud. Please, if you thinks that someone tried scam you, get in touch with someone from the Wibson team so we can alert all the community.

The Customer Support team will never contact you to ask for private information.

2. Do not share your Private Key

Keep your Private Key safe! Never ever share your Private Key. Giving somebody your Private Key is essentially giving them full control over your wallet. Your Private Key should remain exactly that… Private.

If someone gains access to your Private Key, they can control your wallet and steal your cryptocurrency. If they steal your cryptocurrency, there is little to no chance you will be able to recover it.

Wibson’s admins will never approach you directly to ask for your Private Key under any circumstances. If anybody asks you for your Private Key, you should immediately be suspicious.

We also recommend to to keep a separate record of your Private Key off your phone. This way, if you lose your mobile device or uninstall the app, you can use your back-up key to recover your Wibson Tokens.

3. Make sure you are on the right website

Phishing is becoming more common as scammers become increasingly sophisticated. One of the primary phishing techniques is to clone or copy an official website.

The official website of Wibson is When you visit the website, please check the SSL certificate to make sure you are on the genuine site.

We also recommend bookmarking, rather than navigating to the site via a search engine, as this ensures you are clicking the correct URL.

Stay safe!

Fiorella Scantamburlo

Wibson’s Community Manager

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A blockchain-based decentralized marketplace empowering individuals to monetize their data

Fiorella Scantamburlo

Written by

Marketing Manager at Wibson.



A blockchain-based decentralized marketplace empowering individuals to monetize their data

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